Crackdown on corruption will continue: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Published on October 3, 2019
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said she flagged off the government's ongoing crackdown on corruption and irregularities in order to eliminate social inequality.

Explaining her decision in an interview with Voice of America in New York, Hasina said, “I’m not bothered by political affiliations, family connections or social status. The drive against corruption will continue against corruption and irregularity against those who seek to make gains at the country's expense.”

She also pointed to the government's success in the war against terrorism and drugs after announcing its 'zero-tolerance policy' and said, “I urged the people to come forward and involved everyone in the war against terrorism as we aimed for economic development.”

“At the same time, I realised that a big disparity will be created in society if we do not start a drive against corruption."

The prime minister explained that when one person is leading an honest life, another is making a fortune doing the same job but through dubious means. These corrupt individuals then display their ill-gotten wealth in an 'unhealthy manner' which ends up affecting their children, she added.

Corruption is also plaguing the government's development projects as fund allocations are being misused by unscrupulous individuals, said Hasina.

“The social disparities will be eliminated if whatever we’re doing for the country’s development, whatever resource we’re allocating is used properly. And our children will grow up with values and principles.”

“We have to save our society from the unhealthy competition of flaunting wealth,” said Hasina.

Asked about the response to the ongoing Rohingya crisis at the UN General Assembly, the prime minister said, “The Rohingya crisis has entered its third year. We had begun discussions with Myanmar and signed an MoU too."

"But problems arise every time we initiate the repatriation of the Rohingya refugees and they don’t go back.”

The world leaders she met with and discussed the Rohingya issue in New York have been sympathetic and hoped that Myanmar will take back its citizens, she said. But Myanmar's response left a lot to be desired, according to the Bangladesh leader.

She reiterated that the problem is of Myanmar's making and so they should be the one to resolve it.