The Atrocities of Jamaat-BNP; A Look Back (March 1, 2013)


33 people killed including a college teacher, four policemen and scores were injured as Jamaat-Shibir runs riot in at least 15 districts.

The Atrocity of Jamaat-BNP 06 (20,21-12-2013)


Death: 02
Injuries: 45
Conflicts: Jamaat-Shibir terrorists attacked minority citizens and Awami League activists.
Damages: At least 200 vehicles were vandalized and torched.

The Atrocity of Jamaat- BNP - 04 (14-12-2013)


Death: 13

Injured: 180+

Clashes: Jamaat-Shibir locked into a clash with Law enforcing agencies in 8 Places, Jamaat-Shibir blasted minimum 200 petrol and crude bombs across the country


Minority torture: Increasing, minimum 50 Hindu families suffered in 5 districts.
Homes and Business damage: More than 250 houses and business were torched and vandalized.
Vehicles: 200+ vehicles were torched and vandalized
Road barricade: Cutting down trees, removing the clips of the bridge and digging the roads in minimum 17 districts

The Atrocity of Jamaat-BNP 05 (15,16-12-2013)


Death: 12
Injuries: 30 including 4 policemen
Conflict: Jamaat-Shibir locked into a clash with Law enforcing agencies in 3 Places
• Hindu Families flew away following repeated threat from Jamaat-Shibir.
• 2 temples and a home of a Hindu Leader were torched.

The Atrocity of Jamaat- BNP - 03 (12-12-2013, 13-12-2013)


Death: 9

Injured: 250

Clash: Jamaat-Shibir locked into a clash with Law enforcing agencies in 12 Places. Jamaat blasted minimum 200 bombs including petrol and crude bombs. They also shot minimum 300 round bullets.

Sabotage: 2000+ tree cut down. Minimum 100km road and 3 railway junction damages250+ vehicles were torched and vandalised. 300+ houses and shops were torched and vandalized. 4 separate incidents of temple vandalism and minority torture.

 In Dhaka city, after the Jumma prayer Jamaat-Shibir miscreants carried on vandalism in market. Minimum 20 shops including medicine store and more than 60 vehicles including private cars, motor bike, Cavard van and the vehicles of mass-media were vandalized and torched in City’s Malibag, Rampura, Khilgao, Fokirapul, Mothijhil and Arambag. (KalerKantho)
 13 people were injured in the day long clash between Jamaat-Shibir scoundrels and Police in Dhaka city. (KalerKantho)
 In Munsiganj, They attacked on the Motor Cade of independent candidate for the upcoming election Mr Mahbub Uddin Ahmed Birbikram and vandalized 5 cars. 4 injured. (Jugantor)
 In Narayangang, Jamaat Shibir activists beat up 2 police personnel, set fire to 4 vehicles and vandalized 22 vehicles. (The Daily Star, The Daily Samakal).
 In Gazipur, at Joydevpur Junction, at least 10 passengers including the station master were injured by the petrol bomb attack of Shibir activists. Computer, Telephone and other stuff were torched. (The Daily Samakal)

 In Chittagong, Jamaat scoundrels felled minimum 500 trees and dug the roads of Satkania, Bashkhali, and Lohagara. Minimum 95 km roads were blocked and 20 vehicles were torched. (KalerKantha, Jugantor)
 Jamaat men removed the clips from 3 bridges, blasted 5 crud bombs and fired minimum 200 round bullets at Satkania. (Daily Purbokon)
 In Noakhali, a blockader and a Chatpati seller died of bullet injuries hit by RAB. (The Daily Samakal).
 In SonaimuriUpazila of the district, a Shibir man died and 5 others were bullet hit in a clash with Chhatra League and Jubo League. (The Daily Star).
 They threw petrol bomb and set fire to the house of Jagangir Hosen Selim, ICT judge, and Dr. Abdul Haque, former Awami League president of Kadra Union. (The Daily Samakal)
 In KompaniGang, at least 40 houses and shops were burnt. (The Dalily Samakal)
 In Feni, Jamaat-Shibir activists set afire to a government office, bank and a cotton-laden truck. Truck helper suffered burn injuries. (The Daily Star).
 In Feni, they locked into clash with the Police and torched 5 trucks. (The Daily Samakal).
 In Bandarban, disrupting highway communication Jamaat men removed the clips of the Bridge in Bandarban-Keranihat road and felled around 50 trees on the road. (Bangladesh Protidin)
 In Laxmipur, Jamaat-Shibir Chopped 2 Jubo League men, torched minimum 40 houses and business belonging to Awami League men. (Bangladesh Protidin)
 In Chadpur, they attacked on the Road Cade of a wedding ceremony and vandalized 3 cars. (The Daily Gramer Kagoj)

 In Joypurhat, Jamaat-Shibir activists torched minimum 60 houses of the religious minors. A petty business man was died of while they furiously chased the people on the road. (Bangladesh Protidin and Samakal)
 In Bogra, Jamaat-Sibir men attacked on the office of the executive officer of roads and highways and vandalized and torched the papers and other office stuff. (The Daily Star).
 In Bogra City, They also set fire to the Navy Company office of Akij Group and its 72 vehicles. (The Daily Star).
 At least 3 places in Bogra, They enforced a blockade and carried out vandalism, arson to Rangpur-Dhaka highway, Bogra-Noagaon road and Dhaka-Bogra highway (The Daily Star).
 In Serpur Upazila, They burnt a market owned by Awami League Leader Mojammel Haque.(The Daily Samakal)
 In Dupchachaia upazila, The Upazila Election Office was under the attack of Petrol bomd. (The Daily Samakal)
 In Sirajganj, They attacked 10 villages where maximum inhabitants are Hindu, vandalized and blazed the houses of Awami League men including former minister Abdul Latif Biswas.
 In Rajshahi, They set alight the house of the district council administration and torched the house of Abdus Sattar, Awami League president of ward no 28. (The Daily Star).
 In Chapai Nababganj, Minimum 35 shops including the houses and business of 3 Awami League leaders were burnt by Jamaat-Shibir. Besides, they vandalized the Markentail Bank and Jomuna Bank and set fire to minimum 7 vehicles. (Kalerkantho)
 In Pabna, They torched 8 vehicles. (Bangladesh Protidin)
 In Naoga, They torched a bus and vandalized a lot. (Bangladesh Protidin)

 In Satkhira, Jamaat-Sibir activists killed 3 people. Former Awami League leader Azizur Rahman and Jubo Leaguer man Joj Mia of Kolaroa Upazila were beaten up and chopped to death. (The Daily Samakal).
 Another deceased is a 10 year-old boy Riyad from Kuchpukur area of Sadar upazila, His family is involved with the Awami League politics. (The Daily Samakal).
 In Satkhira, they vandalized the Shaheed Minar and temple (Mondir) and Mukti Joddha Command Office. (Kalerkahtho)
 In Jessor, a Shibir activist died as a truck being chased by the Shibir men hit a felled tree that stuck him. (The Daily Star).
 In the same district, Jamaat-Sibir activists ransacked a filling station owned by ruling Awami League lawmaker Sheikh Afil Uddin and set fire to 2 vehicles.
 In Jessor, Jamaat-Sibir men put-up barricades at Shingia Railway Station. (The Daily Star).
 In Jhinaidah, They set fire to the Awami League Leaders houses in Moheshpur and Kotchadpur Upazila. (The Daily Samakal)
 In the same district, they torched 7 trucks. (The Daily Samakal)

 In Pirojpur, A youth died and 15 BNP-Jamaat men were injured in Zianagar Upazila. (The Daily Star).
 In Barisal, Jamaat-Shibir miscreants ransacked and set fire to the house of a Hindu family and torched the Temple. (Daily Amader Borisal)

 Jamaat-Shibir activists cut and felled minimum 200 trees in different roads of Sylhet and Carried on vandalism, arson in Kanaighat. (Daily Sylheter Dak)
 Minimum 20 injured in the clash between Jamaat and Police, around 20 Vehicles were torched. (Daily Sylheter Dak)
 They attacked and blasted crude bombs in City’s Jalalabad thana.(Jugantor)
 In Moulvibazar, Jamaat-Shibir activists vandalized the village home of Siraj Uddin, Upazila chairman and president of Upazila Muktijuddha Command Council. (The Daily Star)
 They also set fire to the house of Justice Surandra Kumar, Justice of appealed division, Supreme Court. ( Jugantor)
 Jamaat activists threw petrol bomb and set fire to the government office of Baniachang. (Daily Khowai)

 In Dinajpur, Jamaat activists attacked on, vandalized and set fire to several villages where the most inhabitants are Hindus. (The Daily Samakal)
 They also cut down hundred of trees and blocked the road. (The Daily Samakal)
 In Lalmonirhat, at Patgram,Jamaat-Shibir activists vandalized, looted and blazed minimum 50houses and business of the local Awami League leaders and activists. (Jugantor)
 In Gaibandha, Jamaat-Shibir activists locked into a clash with the Police-BGB and 3 of them were injured while they were trying to barricade the road by cutting trees in Palashbari Upazila. (The Daily Samakal)
 In Palashbari Upazila, Jamaat-Shibir activists vandalized and set fire to the house of the several local Chhatra League leaders including the house of the central leader Tonmoy Ahmed and Palashbari press club president journalist Nuruzzaman. (Daily Karatoa)
 In Sundargang Upazila, they destroyed a bridge to blockade the communication. (The Daily Samakal)