PM Sheikh Hasina's speech at the reception ceremony of "Champions of the Earth" award


PM Sheikh Hasina's speech at the reception ceremony of "Champions of the Earth" award

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Executive Director of UNEP,


Ladies and gentlemen,

I am happy to join you all this evening. People of Bangladesh believe that conservation and protection of environment is a time-honoured responsibility. It comes out of Bangalee’s belief, practices and culture which evolved over centuries in the Bengal Delta.

Recognizing the adverse impacts of climate change, since 2009, we have been mobilizing our own resources and people to address the existential threat. Bangladesh was one of the first in the developing world to set up a “National Climate Change Fund” with our own resources.

Our innovative people and home-grown solutions have brought remarkable results in addressing climate change. We have installed 4 million solar home systems. We are on course to be the first ‘solar nation’ in the world. In spite of climatic challenges, our agricultural growth surpassed population growth ensuring food security for 160 million people. It is another development miracle.

As the world talks about a ‘Common Future’ for all, we are ready to do our part of commitment to protect and nurture our planet. This Award is a recognition of the spirit and resilience of our people in fighting climate change. On behalf of my people, I accept the Award.

I thank you.


(HE Sheikh Hasina ,Hon’ble Prime MinisterGovernment of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh)