PM Sheikh Hasina's statement as Co-Chair of Interactive Dialogue Session 3 at UN Summit


Opening Statement by Hon’ble Prime Minister as Co-Chair of Interactive Dialogue Session 3: Fostering Sustainable Economic Growth, transformation and promoting sustainable consumption and production at the UN Summit on Sustainable Development Goals on 26 September 2015

Prime Minister Charles Michel,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Yesterday, we adopted our pro-people and pro-planet Agenda. We are encouraged about the promises that we made for inclusive development for all. Now, we must also leave up to the expectations of our people. Many of our countries need the resources to implement our collective commitments. We also need to address the issues related to enabling environment at global level.

Within the finite resources of Mother Earth, sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources are critical for development. Our lifestyle needs to be in harmony with the nature. Consumption has to be about an individual’s ‘choice’ that also demonstrate commitment to global sustainability.

We all should walk together to secure our common destiny. We need to ensure that people at the bottom also enjoy fruits of development. Across the developing world, technology can make differences in sound consumption and production in people’s life. For that, existing IPR regime need to be revisited - so that people can access key technologies related to agriculture and food security, health and waste management.

ThePrivate sector and the civil society need to act responsibly. They should help us bridge gaps across communities and countries. Business need to look beyond ‘short-run profit’.

I grew up as a child in southern Bangladesh. My father, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, used to narrate the value of pristine nature. In line with the vision of the father of the nation, our people still believe that conservation and protection of environment is a time-honoured ‘responsibility’, not just a necessity.

I thank you.
HE Sheikh Hasina (Honorable Prime Minister, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh)