Three Years of Development by Awami League Government


Development and democracy are complementary to each other. The general election on 5 January, 2014 was an important and unique milestone of the country for sustainability of the Constitution and democratic process.

Bangabandhu’s homecoming day: “A journey from Darkness to Light”

Liberty was in the air. The chant of “Joy Bangla”, in bold voices, reverberated at Tejgaon old airport and its surrounding areas on a chilly afternoon of January 10, 1972.


14 December, the Martyred Intellectuals’ day. The day we lost the best children of the soil. The most grieved day of the Bangali nation. On this day on 1971, when the final victory of the War of Liberation was sure to happen, at that very moment the attacking Pakistani forces and their collaborators – the Razakars, Al Badr, Al Shams forces abducted the best and most talented intellectuals of the nation - all the academics, researchers, physicians, engineers, journalists, poets and writers were kidnapped, blind folded in the dark of night and then were killed brutally.

16 December Victory Day: Minds Without Fear, Heads Held High


Today is National Victory Day. The 45th anniversary of victory earned through sacrifice of enormous bloodshed. The day of emergence of Bangladesh as an independent sovereign state to this world.

Shaheed Noor Hossain Day: A Valiant Sacrifice to Bring Back Democracy


Noor Hossain is one of the notable names of Bangladesh's movement for democracy. On November 10, 1987, when he was participating in a rally supporting to establish democratic rule in Bangladesh against the autocratic ruler Let. Gen. H M Ershad, police gunned him down.