When Politics Becomes Terrorism


Since being voted back to power in January 2014, the country continued its march of progress in almost all sectors of economic and human development under the Awami League government.


An interview of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently appeared in “Global: The International Briefing” publication’s First Quarter 2015 issue where she explained her fight for gender equality in a country which has traditionally considered women’s place in home only. She also describes the obstacles she has faced so far in her social and political struggles.Her words are reproduced verbatim here below for the readers:

A review of 2014: Bangladesh Braces for Progress and Prosperity


After taking oath of office in 2014, the Awami League led government devised numerous initiatives which yielded major uplifts in the progress of the nation.

2014: A Year Of Achieving Global Accolades For Bangladesh


The year 2014 was marked with a series of success stories of Bangladeshi nationals on the international arena. With Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina and her daughter Saima Wazed Putul on the forefront, the country's scholars including artist, scientist, entrepreneur and journalist leapt into the world wining international prizes for their signature of excellence in their respective fields. Some of such achievements are mentioned below:

Fast Track Projects See Full Swing Progress in 2014



After assuming power for the second term in a row in 2014, Prime Minsiter Sehikh Hasina embarked on a plan to fast track six projects with an aim of reshaping the country's economic outlook, improving communication and accelerating GDP growth.