Uncompromising Stance On Empowering Women


Since assuming office in 2009, the government of Sheikh Hasina has initiated various programmes and projects for the development of women. Women’s development and empowerment form a crucial aspect of the government’s overall vision. The Sixth Five Year Plan (2011-2015) of Bangladesh government, which is the national medium term development plan committed to transforming Bangladesh into a middle-income country by 2021 (also known as Vision 2021), considers women’s engagement in political and economic activities as a cross-cutting issue with women’s empowerment as one of the main drivers of transformation.

Access, Infrastructure And Industry For ICT: Carving The Future


Bangladesh, as a country with a vast population, is full of potentials. Information Technology is the key to utilize those potentials. The developed countries are stepping forward equally with the advancement of technology. 

Disaster Management – Institution, Policies And Legal Framework



Bangladesh has a long history of natural disasters, with over 219 natural disasters taking place between 1980 and 2008, causing over US$16 billion in total damage. The country has had a long experience of severe cyclonic events, floods, land-slides, arsenic, tornadoes and threats of earthquakes.

Information And Communication Technology For Good Governance


Bangladesh has reached a milestone in providing government services and information to citizens by launching the ‘National Portal’ which carries 25,000 websites of different government organizations. This portal has brought the whole Bangladesh in a single webpage. From tourism to land records, citizens are able to find any information they need.