Development Stories: Part 5 (Armed Forces, Home Affairs and Land Management)


‘Vision 2021’ was the promise that Bangladesh Awami League made during 2008 national election. To keep this promise and to uphold Bangladesh as a rigorously developing country in this region, Bangladesh Awami league has made various initiatives. These efforts to modernize the armed forces, to make Home Affairs more effective and to ease the complexities regarding land issues, need to be praised.


After taking the responsibility of the country in 6th January of 2009, Bangladesh Awami League worked restlessly to improve the life of the citizens. The reckless and tyrannical tenure of the last BNP-Jamaat government put people’s lives into a great convulsion. Misery with sanitation, lack of potable water, water logging etc made living in cities is like living in an overpopulated jail. The general people of Bangladesh who are the owner of the country didn’t expect this life for themselves. Nepotism and bribing made the chance of getting a job almost impossible. Brilliant and meritorious students had to remain unemployed despite having an outstanding academic performance. This grand alliance government concentrated on these unheeded, yet important sectors.

Website and Social media site of AL has been declared official


Bangladesh Awami league has announced the website, YouTube channel and the FaceBook page as official.

Agriculture: The Economic engine of Bangladesh


The economic wheel of Bangladesh is predominantly controlled by the development of agricultural sector. Our country is highly dependable on agro based and pro-agricultural industries. However a massive labor force exists in the rural parts of the country and only the rapid development of agriculture can ensure proper application of this workforce and can bring an end to the foreign dependency on food. This sector has experienced vast prosperity in last four years time. Awami League has led Bangladesh towards food sovereignty. Agriculture sector has grown annually at an average growth rate of 3.9 percent during Awami League tenure.