Development Stories: Part 3 (Manpower, Statistics, Investment and Industry)


In the last five years of current Grand Alliance government led by Bangladesh Awami League, country has reached several milestones. Manpower export is increased as well as the remittance. Population growth decreased, foreign domestic investment increased. Investment in handicrafts created employment for rural, marginal poor people.

Women Empowerment: A step towards development


Half of the population of Bangladesh are women. That means a major part of the active citizens of Bangladesh are women. Now the participation of women is clearly evident in every spheres of the society. These all happened because of the liberal and women-friendly policies implemented by the Awami League government. Bangladesh Awami League has taken different initiatives for ensuring safe-motherhood, higher education and employment for women, which are really praiseworthy.
At 1972, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman established “Women Rehabilitation Board” for the welfare of the women who suffered in the liberation war. Mainly from this initiative, development for women started officially in Bangladesh.

Development Stories: Part 2 (Economy & Trade)


During the tenure of the BNP-JAMAAT government, the economy of Bangladesh was going through a stalemate. The economy was completely burnt to ashes due to immense black-marketing, corruption and nepotism. At present Bangladesh has been able to recover from that situation; thanks to AL government.

Development Stories: Part 1 (Social Safety Net and Digital Bangladesh)


In the 9th national election, people of Bangladesh voted for democracy against political violence practiced by the 4-party alliance. It was also a message to those who want to impose military rule over the peaceful people of Bangladesh they will throw the imposters away.