HPM Sheikh Hasina’s 17 directives to secretaries


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given 17 directives at the secretary meeting held at Bangladesh Secretariat here. Following are the directives of the Prime Minister:

1. To be more sincere in playing effective role in checking landslides and protecting environment in the Chittagong Hill Tracts and other areas having hills and 'tilas' (small hills). "We don't want to see recurrence of tragic incidents happened this year."

2. Tannery industries of Hazaribagh were relocated in Savar to check pollution in Dhaka city and the Buriganga River. But steps will have to be geared up so that it doesn't cause any damage to environment in Savar.

3. As many as 1,738 square kilometre areas of the Bay of Bengal have been declared as the "Marine Protected Area". Mangrove garden and participatory "block garden" and "strip garden" will have to be created for protecting environment and wild animals and preventing natural calamities.

4. Emphasis will have to be given on rural development, and employment will have to be generated so that village people don't come to the towns in search for work. Arrangements will have to be made so that the population pressure on the towns doesn't increase.

5. The disparity between the rich and poor will have to be minimised, and balanced development of the resources will have to be ensured to build a disparity free society.

6. The development programmes will have to be undertaken in such a way so that the highest number of people are benefitted from it.

7. The rate of Annual Development Programme (ADP) will have to be increased. Fix strategies to implement the ADP in the beginning of the fiscal year instead of hurrying at the end of the year.

8. Complete paper work of the projects in the monsoon season. If inter-ministerial meeting is needed, hold it fast. No compromise could be made with the quality of the works.

9. To be more sincere in completing the "Fast Track" development projects within the stipulated time.

10. Give responsibility to the efficient and qualified officials for important works, and arrangements for giving award for good work and rebuking for bad work will have to be made effective.

11. Take steps for ensuring good governance and take initiatives so that the people are not suffered in getting services from service-providing agencies.

12. Salary and allowances have been raised. Corruption of the employees will have to be stopped.

13. Ensure logical promotion and upgradation of all by removing inter-cadre disparity.

14. Give training priority to the comparatively young officers who will do government job for a long time.

15. Take effective steps at the field level to contain militancy and drug peddling. Awareness building programmes will have to be taken alongside enforcing laws.

16. Ensure proper application of merit, efficiency and experiences for successful implementation of the seventh five-year plan and achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

17. Encourage colleagues in devoting themselves to the welfare of the people not only as the government officials, also as patriots.

Photo: Saiful Islam Kallol

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