Bangladesh Awami League is now symbol of confidence of 16 crore people: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh Awami League has now been turned into a "symbol of confidence and support" of 16 crore people as the party is taking the country to the path of prosperity.

"Bangladesh Awami League is taking the country to the path of prosperity by climbing 'Bangabandhu's dream stair' with a goal of development, progress and establishing equality-based society ... the party has now been turned into a symbol of confidence and support of 16 crore people," she said.

In its continuation, she hoped, Bangladesh would surely be turned into a developed and prosperous country before 2041.

The prime minister said this while replying to a starred question placed by treasury bench member Begum Fazilatun Nesa Bappi (women seat-30) during her question answer session in the House.

Sheikh Hasina, also the Awami League president, said the party will take the people ahead with self dignity by following the glory achieved in 1952 and 1971.

"It's going to be possible due to the farsightedness of Awami League in running the state," she said.

The leader of the House said her government is pledge-bound to advance towards development by involving the people and maintaining transparency and accountability and obligation to the people.

"Our aim is to build a developed Sonar Bangladesh and we're marching forward towards the goal with this belief," she said.

The premier said after the independence, Bangladesh was considered as a "test case" of development. But it has now been regarded internationally as the "role model of development".

Elaborating the steps of the Father of the Nation to build Bangladesh as a developed and prosperous country, Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh Awami League has been striving to materialise his dream by establishing a happy, prosperous and self-reliant Bangladesh under Vision 2021 before the declared time. "The competent successors are still carrying the torch with utmost integrity which Bangabandhu lit 42 years ago," she said.

Pointing out that Bangabandhu has contributions towards every achievement of the country, the prime minister said the Father of the Nation in his three and a half years tenure framed 131 necessary laws side by side with rebuilding the war-ravaged nation.

She said Bangabandhu in his short term took necessary initiatives including presenting a constitution in 11 months to establish Bangladesh as a dignified nation in the world. "When we go to launch any work, at that time we see that Bangabandhu had first started this work," she said.

Referring to the brutal killing of Bangabandhu and most of his family members in 1975, Sheikh Hasina said she and her younger sister escaped the carnage as they were abroad at that time.

"Any person can't bear a single grief, but we lost all in a single day ... it's very difficult to accept this pain and sorrow," she said in an emotion charged voice.

"I sometimes think that this grief and pain has provided courage to me and my sister to fulfil hopes and aspirations of our father," she added.

The prime minister said she has taken the motto of fulfilling the Bangabandhu's dream by changing the lot of the people.

Sheikh Hasina said her journey towards developing the country was not smooth as she had to cross many hurdles.

In this connection, the premier expressed gratitude to the people and grassroots leaders and workers of the party and said she believes that it's possible to cross any barrier if anybody stays in the path of truth and honesty.

The prime minister said she and her younger sister had to lead an exile life for nearly six years after Bangabandhu's assassination and they were not allowed by military dictator Ziaur Rahman to return home.

"I had started my journey with an indomitable desire of changing the lot of the exploited and deprived people for which my father, mother, brothers and millions of martyrs sacrificed their lives," she said.

Photo: Yeasin kabir Joy

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