US is interested to invest more in Power and Energy sector


Dhaka, April 15, 2014
‘USA is interested to invest more in Power and Energy sector of Bangladesh’ said US Ambassador Mr. Dan W. Mozina.

Besides it will cooperate with the ministry to organize road shows in other countries to attract investment. State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry Nasrul Hamid Bipu said these during a press briefing after his meeting with the US Ambassador. State Minister said that countries like China, Japan, India and Russia are already cooperating with Bangladesh and started to invest in Power and Energy sector. US too, identified the opportunities to invest in these sectors. US Ambassador thinks the recent economic and political scenario is in favor of the investment. Nasrul Hamid said that several US-based companies like Chevron, Conoco-Philips are running their business in Bangladesh. US Ambassador hopes that other well-known US-based companies will be interested to invest in the Power sector of Bangladesh. But, State Minister said, no company will be able to operate by undermining Bangladesh’s interest.

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