None will be able to foil poll: PM at the Parliament


Dhaka, November 20, 2013

"I have requested the President to make arrangement for holding the polls and he will take necessary steps to this end. The Election Commission will announce the election schedule and polls must be held on the soil of Bangladesh Insha Allah, "There will be no strength of anybody to resist the polls, "Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this while delivering her winding up speech of the 19th session of the 9th Jatiya Sangsad.

"I can assure that as much long I exist, I have no intention to come to power by stealing the vote of the people. Rather we hate it (stealing vote) always," she said. Sheikh Hasina said election will have to be held within 90 days before expiry of parliament as per the constitution. " I have already met with the President and told him that we are ready for the polls," she added.

The Prime Minister said the President told her to continue the running of the government. "As per his advice, we have formed a small cabinet, and portfolio of the ministers has been distributed and a gazette notification would be issued tomorrow to this end," she said. Sheikh Hasina also said the election will be held in the way other democratic countries stage polls and the people will enjoy the rights to exercise their voting rights.

Pointing out the amendment to the constitution, the Prime Minister said her government has brought the amendment to strengthen democracy and seal off usurpation of power. Through the amendment, she said, the voting rights of the people have been protected side by side with restoration of spirit of the War of Liberation. "We want to at least start a process for the future generation and holding the elections through constitutional process. We don't want to struggle for voting rights time and again," she said.

Blasting the opposition for its violent acts in the name of movement, Sheikh Hasina said they have burnt to death 20 people in the name of hartal. What type of movement it is, she asked. The Prime Minister said the opposition is not getting any response from the people to its hartal. "Being revengeful, they are killing the innocent people including CNG and bus-truck drivers and children by clandestine attacks," she said.

Reiterating her firm determination to complete the trial of war criminals, the Prime Minister said the verdict of Bangabandhu Murder case was executed and the judgment of BDR mutiny has been announced. Insha Allah the verdict of the war crimes would be implemented," she said. Source: BSS & other news agencies

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