1970 Elections: Awami League’s Historic Win

70aSoon after succeeding Ayub Khan as the President, General Yahya Khan announced the general elections. In December 1970, the general elections were held and Awami League won a stunning victory winning 160 out of 162 seats in East Pakistan.


It bagged 72.57% of the total votes cast. AL won a similar landslide victory in the Provincial Assembly elections also. It won 288 seats out of 300 and bagged 89% of total votes cast. Awami League won all the 7 women seats in the National Assembly and all the 10 women seats in the Provincial Assembly. The net result was, Awami League emerged as the single majority party in the Pakistan National Assembly with 167 seats out of a total of 313. On the other side, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party won 88 seats (all from the western wing) and emerged as the second largest Parliamentary party.

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