Winning the conspiracy

winning the conspiracy 1

After the outrageous killing of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family conspirators saw the end of the support force of the liberation war, Awami league. Fortunately two of the daughters of Banabandhu ( Sheikh Hasia and Sheikh Rehana ) survived the brutality as they were out of the country.

At the time of the massacre they had no option but to seek for political asylum in the west. United Kingdom had accepted their appeal. In the next six years younger daughter Sheikh Rehana remained in the United Kingdom and Sheikh Hasina moved to India living a self-imposed exile. During this time staying abroad helped her to accumulate political importance and subsequently got elected to the leadership of Awami League.
After her return in 1981, Sheikh Hasina rejuvenated the practices of democracy that stemmed to be a nuisance for the unelected military regime. She was put under house arrest on numerous occasions. But she continued to be the prominent and outspoken advocate of democracy practice in the country. With the growing public support and willpower to follow the legendary father’s footstep, Sheikh Hasina was able to secure a seat as a leader of the opposition party in the parliament. Such triumphs on behalf of the party strengthen her resolution to condemn the violence and injustice of military ruling resulting in a growing pressure over them. In December 1990 the military leader Lieut. Gen Hussain Mohammad Ershad, resigned in response to an ultimatum issued by Sheikh Hasia, leader of the largest opposition party.


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