Communal riots of 1964

422957 111412782322528 1496196918 nIn 1964, a communal riot broke out between the Muslim and the Hindu communities in Dhaka,

in Narayanganj Adamjee area  and elsewhere. Things were compound when the Bangalees and the Beharis started clashing in several places. As the situation worsened, scores of people got killed; looting and arson went on in full scale. Hundreds of people were rendered homeless. The Ayub government patronized this riot with the aim to divert the anti-government sentiments of the people. With a view to countering this communal riot, Awami League under the aegis of Sheikh Mujib formed a Resistance Committee. The committee started elaborate campaigns to pacify the situation. Ayub regime got angry of Mujib and started a lawsuit against him.

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