Jail Killing: Another Dark Chapter in the History of Bangladesh

3 November is a painful day for the collective conscience of Bangladesh. Because on this date in 1975, the four national leaders, who played the most significant role in our independence and state-building struggle after the Father of the National Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman were brutally killed inside what is usually considered one of the most sacrosanct places for security of any individual, the safe custody of a jail. Within the bounds of Dhaka Central Jail, in a continuation of the horrors unleashed on 15 August 1975, the four national leaders, Syed Nazrul Islam, Tajuddin Ahmad, Captain M. Monsur Ali and AHM Quamruzzaman, were murdered viciously with bullets and bayonets.   

How LNG Will Change Energy Scenario


The energy crisis of Bangladesh mainly due to fuel deficit is expected to be eased to a great extent when 500 MMCFD LNG is due to be injected into national gas grid from the middle of 2018 .

21 August, 2004: All Hell Broke Loose by State-Sponsored Terrorism

Thirteen years ago on 21st August, the nation was about to burst against the state-sponsored militancy, in the capital. Ironically, shortly after, the anti-militancy protesters themselves became victims of the country’s most gruesome militant attack masterminded by then BNP-Jamaat government.

Niko Scam Revisited


Bangladesh High Court has declared contracts between Petrobangla & Niko and BAPEX & Niko illegal in a historic verdict recently taking into cognizance the allegations of a scam in the award of a contract. The contracts were concluded by BNP Jamat Alliance Government in 2003 for re-development of Feni and Chattack gas fields including Chattak east structure.

15th August: Darkest Chapter Of History


15th August is the day of national mourning. It’s a day when all beings of whole Bengal, even the nature drop tears. Because, this day of August, back in 1975 it seemed like this rainy August and brutal bloodshed of Bangabandhu were the representation of the weeping of the sky itself crying out of extreme grievance.