15th August: Darkest Chapter Of History


15th August is the day of national mourning. It’s a day when all beings of whole Bengal, even the nature drop tears. Because, this day of August, back in 1975 it seemed like this rainy August and brutal bloodshed of Bangabandhu were the representation of the weeping of the sky itself crying out of extreme grievance.

67 Years of Safeguarding Language, Flag and Welfare


Forty five years back, the nation had the dream for freedom. Then Awami League was the party to lead the road to freedom. Now, the nation has another dream — seeing Bangladesh as a middle income country by 2021. Once more Awami League is leading the country towards the goal. We are working to make life better for every citizen.

10th day of April, 1971: The Proclamation Of Independence


Mujibnagar, Bangladesh
Dated 10th day of April, 1971

Bangladesh a Booming Economy: Writes Sajeeb Wazed in Diplomatic Courier


A remarkable economic surge, taken place over the last seven years under the Awami League government, has made Bangladesh stand out as an exception in South Asia for having rapidly elevated the country to lower dependency ratios and higher per capita income.

Bangladesh Is A Role Model For Development: HPM Sheikh Hasina


I convey my heartiest greetings to my countrymen as well as to all expatriate Banglees on the occasion of the great Independence and National Day of Bangladesh.