Lighting Up Bangladesh's Future: Power and Energy in 2015



With the economy growing annually over 6%, living standards rising for most people and the country maintaining stability throughout 2015, Bangladesh has in recent times been dubbed a development role model having produced consistent progress in economic, social and human development indicators.In continuation of the profound transformation the county has undergone since the Awami League led government assumed office for the second straight term in January 2014, the nation has been elevated to the lower middle income status in 2015.

Awami League Govt's Policy To Ensure Welfare Of Domestic Workers


Bangladesh Awami League has always shown its commitment to ensuring social and human development along with economic development of the country. Thus, ensuring social justice has always been a priority for the current Awami League led government. In line with that prioritization, the government has formulated a new policy to ensure the welfare of domestic workers. According to the Labour Force Survey 2010, Bangladesh is home to 1.4 million domestic workers, aged 15 years or more, who work at residential houses, messes and dormitories. However, the number is thought to be much more in reality.

Ensuring A Safer Tomorrow For Our Children


The children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. We must ensure a proper upbringing for all of them: HPM Sheikh Hasina

USA Praises Bangladesh's Counter-Terrorism Efforts


In its latest Country Reports on Terrorism 2014, Bangladesh's efforts to counter terrorism and militancy has once again been vindicated. The report states that Bangladesh continued to make counterterrorism progress in 2014, with the current government once more demonstrating a commitment to counter both domestic and transnational terrorist groups. It notes that no major terrorist incidents took place in Bangladesh in the year 2014, and the Sheikh Hasina led Awami League government’s counterterrorism efforts have made it more difficult for transnational terrorists to operate in or use Bangladeshi territory.