Digital Bangladesh; A dream came true


The use of information and communication technology has been playing a vital role in the 21st century due to globalization and the government is encouraged to adapting with the coming future. Bangladesh Awami League has declared the “Vision 2021” in the election manifesto which targets establishment of a resourceful and modern country by 2021 through effective use of information and communication technology-a “Digital Bangladesh”.

Infrastructure; Highways of Prosperity


Modernization of the communication system and infrastructure is one of the main prerequisites for the growth and economic development of a nation. Bangladesh Awami League is determined for the infrastructural development of Bangladesh.

Healthcare; At Everyone’s Doorsteps


Getting proper healthcare is one of the fundamental rights of an individual. A healthy nation is impossible without healthy people. A healthy nation is one of the main catalysts behind the development of a country. Keeping these in mind, the grand alliance government led by Bangladesh Awami League has given premium importance to the health sector.

Self-Sufficiency in Food


A self-sufficient Bangladesh in food – a long-cherished vision of the party – has been made possible twice by Awami League-led governments under Sheikh Hasina’s leadership. No development is possible with an empty stomach- the party believes this saying and like its previous term, the Awami League-led government has put the highest emphasis on food production during the current term as well.