Bangladesh will move forward with Awami league in power: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Putting emphasis on continuation of the healthy democratic trend in the country, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh will advance further if Awami League stays in state power.

"We want the healthy democratic trend to continue to take the country forward and make further progress," she told the 15th founding anniversary function of Bangladesh Jubo Mohila League.

Sheikh Hasina, also the Awami League President, addressed the function as the chief guest at her official Ganabhaban residence on Thursday afternoon.

The premier said Bangladesh will continue to tread the path of development and move ahead if Awami League remains in power. "This is the reality," she added.

Jubo Mohila League President Nazma Aktar chaired the function, while its General Secretary Professor Apu Ukil delivered the welcome address.

Earlier, the president and general secretary of Jubo Mohila League and its leaders of Dhaka City North and South Units greeted the prime minister with flower bouquets.

Pointing out that the true development in the country could not be made, if the continuation of power doesn't exist, the Awami League president said her party works following dictates of conscience (antarer tane) and for welfare of the people.

"The aim of our politics is to change the lot the exploited, deprived and working class people," she said.

On the other hand, she said, when BNP comes to power, the condition of the people deteriorates instead of development. "The fundamental rights of the people and peace of the country don't exist when BNP stays in power and it's now clear to the people," she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the BNP didn't want to abide by any rule and law when it was in power. "When the BNP was in the opposition their lawmakers used such dirty languages in parliament that any polite person couldn't listen to the JS proceedings," she said.

The Leader of the House said the present opposition party doesn't use dirty languages like BNP. "As a result, the bad impression that developed in the public mind about parliament has changed," she said.

The prime minister said the present opposition makes constructive criticism in parliament and speaks in decent language on any bill as per the constitution. "The people of the country are getting its benefit," she said.

Elaborating her government's tremendous success in various sectors, the prime minister said she always sees state power as a scope for performing responsibility and serving the people, not enjoyment. "Coming to power, we work as the 'sevak' (servants) and 'khadem' (custodian) of the people," she said.

Illustrating various successes of her government for ensuring women empowerment and participation and their rights, the Awami League president directed the Jubo Mohila League leaders and workers to project these achievements to the people.

"The people should know these successes," she said.

The prime minister also praised the courageous role of the Jubo Mohila League leaders and workers in different movements of the country and congratulated them for it.

She recalled the inhuman torture and repression on the leaders and workers of the organisation during the BNP-Jamaat's five-year rule from 2001.

The Awami League president also asked the Jubo Mohila League leaders and activists to strengthen the organisation.

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