USA Praises Bangladesh's Counter-Terrorism Efforts


In its latest Country Reports on Terrorism 2014, Bangladesh's efforts to counter terrorism and militancy has once again been vindicated. The report states that Bangladesh continued to make counterterrorism progress in 2014, with the current government once more demonstrating a commitment to counter both domestic and transnational terrorist groups. It notes that no major terrorist incidents took place in Bangladesh in the year 2014, and the Sheikh Hasina led Awami League government’s counterterrorism efforts have made it more difficult for transnational terrorists to operate in or use Bangladeshi territory. 

UK MPs Laud Bangladesh's Socio-Economic Successes

A debate was held on Bangladesh and its future in the Westminster Hall of the UK Parliament on June 17, 2015. The debate was addressed among others by members of the UK All Parliamentary Group on Bangladesh. This report showcases the positives about Bangladesh which came up during the debate from the various speakers.

Narendra Modi's Visit: A New Era in Bangladesh-India Relations


From June 6-7, Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi visited Dhaka, Bangladesh on a landmark two-days official visit. This visit was seen as a watershed moment for the already warm relations between the two neighbouring countries due to the recent passing of the Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) by the Indian Parliament and the promises for greater cooperation the visit held. None was disappointed as the two countries signed a number of agreements to further strengthen cooperation in a number of areas. Fruitful discussions were held in other areas of contention with the promises of resolution soon. This report summarizes the major developments made, and headways reached, during this very important visit.

Beyond Neighbours: India-Bangladesh Relations Between 2009 And 2015


Given the historic, cultural and economic ties between India and Bangladesh, the two countries have always been more than neighbours, sharing not only common borders and rivers but also culture, language and heritage that was further bonded by shared memories and sacrifices during our war of liberation. Since the Awami League led government assumed power in Bangladesh in 2009, India-Bangladesh relations have continuously been elevated to newer heights.