Starting of political Mayhem

starting of political mayhem 

Awami League led a government of growth and prosperity for the year of 1996 to 2001. Such achievements were marred by many sporadic attacks on the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She escaped several attempts on her life, in one of which two anti-tank mines were planned under her helipad during a visit in Gopalgonj district.

The escalating tensions of the upcoming election were heating up. Bangladesh National Party (BNP) formed a coalition with anti-liberation extremist parties Jaamat-e-Islam and some others to seize election result. They brainwashed the general people on the name of religion and again tempered the election result in the 8th National Election took place in October. BNP confiscated the power.

Once again the wrath of anti-liberation force determined to annihilate Awami League brick by brick. Alleged Islamic militants assassinated several key members of the party. A deadly grenade attack on the opposition leader Sheikh Hasina took place in August 2004 killing 22 party leaders. Luckily Sheikh Hasina got out the genocide alive. The BNP-Jamaat coalition government continued its obliteration in the form of imposing Islamic radicalism and de-secularism in the country. Extra-judicial killings were highest since the liberation war. Rise of terrorist groups, Islamic violence targeting the social strictures, series grenade attacks on general people were a regular picture of the country.

Knowing the weak status of the government BNP tried to remain in the power by appointing shadow party members as key personalities of caretaker government. But military regime of the country had planed something even more ruthless. They tried to seize the power in the name of eradicating corruption. Under the pressure President Iajuddin Ahmed declares a state of emergency and appointed a new Chief of Advisor of the caretaker government.

Now that the military has emerged in the power, once again they tend to finish the unfinished works. In the name of political reformation the blueprint of eliminating pro-liberation force struck Sheikh Hasina violently. She was kept under isolated house arrest for nearly one year with a hope to exclude legacy from Awami League. But the party remained united. In June 2008 she got released and flew aboard under the pressure of military regime.

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