67 Years of Struggle and Achievements

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The oldest and biggest political party of Bangladesh, Awami League began its journey as a mighty political expression of the thitherto suppressed hopes and aspirations of the people living on the Padma- Meghna- Jamuna delta.


It is the party that steered the nation through post-partition quagmires, voiced the demands and aspirations of the people of this delta and finally led the Liberation War against West Pakistan to free the people from the centuries-old subordination.

With a golden past and grand present, Awami League represents the mainstream of the progressive, non-communal, democratic and nationalist politics of Bangladesh. The party boasts of a glorious past featuring relentless and uncompromising struggles against autocracy and communalism, against political and economic domination.

The game-changer of politics of the then Pakistan which began an epic journey with Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the helm, now is steered by Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Sheikh Mujib.

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