Indo-Bangla Relations: Energy, Trade and Counter Terrorism


This report is the third and final part of the special report series on Bangladesh-India relations till date. This part focuses on the cooperation between the two neighbors in the areas of power and energy, fighting terrorism and bilateral trade and investment.

Indo-Bangla Relations: Connectivity


Connectivity between Bangladesh and India has reached new heights since Bangladesh Awami League came to power in 2009. Several connectivity agreements between the two countries have been executed during this period, while older agreements have been renewed, with appropriate modifications where necessary.

Indo-Bangla Relations: Diplomatic Cooperation


Bangladesh is progressing rapidly on the development highway since Bangladesh Awami League has come to power in 2009. Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the improvement in all major economic, social and human development indicators is surprising the world. Implementing the pledge of making Bangladesh a middle-income country by 2021, Bangladesh’s economy is now growing over 7% annually and became a lower middle-income country in 2015, six years before the pledged deadline. The country is now en-route to become a developed country by 2041 as it’s now the 31st largest economy in the world and predicted to become 28th largest by the end of 2030.

Bangladesh Marching Ahead: Economic Progress in 2016


While the global economy slumped in the face Brexit and subdued investment, throughout 2016, Bangladesh has overtaken a number of developing nations around the world with a fast track economic growth and cemented its position as one of the sole bright spots in a flailing global economy.