Awami League Submits Annual Audit To Election Commission


Bangladesh Awami League today submitted its annual financial transaction report to the Election Commission (EC).

The party earned TK 9,05,45,643 and spent TK 3,44,40,821 between January and December last year, according to the audit report submitted to the EC.

A team of the party led by office secretary Dr Abdus Subhan Golap handed over the annual account details to the secretary of EC Secretariat Sirajul Islam this afternoon.

The earnings came from fees of primary members, AL members, lawmakers and income from selling different publications of the party while the expenses were made for holding meetings, seminars, different bills including utility services, salaries of the employees and expenditure of the party offices across the country, Golap said after submitting the annual audit report.

According to the Political Parties Registration Rules, 2008, all the registered parties have to submit their annual audit reports within 31 July.

As the political parties appealed to the EC to extend the deadline, the EC extended the date till 31 August this year.