We can’t give anyone a slight chance to criticize the party which is founded by the Father of the Nation: Obaidul Quader at Sylhet


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Sylhet, February 03, 2014
Communication Minister of the government and Presidium member of Bangladesh Awami League Obaidul Quader said, ‘Sylhet Awami League didn’t learn from their mistakes made in the last city corporation election.’ He said, ‘People couldn’t imagine that Awami League’s nominated Mayor will lose in the election. But we lost because of our own blunders. Sylhet Awami League’s leaders didn’t made a self-analysis on reasons of the defeat.’
Honorable minister said these during a Member’s meeting of Sylhet Metropolitan Awami League at Jalalabad Gas auditorium on 3rd February as the chief guest in the meeting. Obaidul Quader said Awami league have lost its uniqueness into the government. We must overcome this barrier, he added.
Minister said, we can’t give anyone a slight chance to criticize the party which is founded by the Father of the Nation. Leaders and workers must remember that a political party like Awami League is evaluated by the activities of its members. So everyone should reach the mass as a worker, not a leader and uphold the achievements of the party.
Criticizing the atrocities conducted by BNP-Jamaat, he said, ‘They are busy conspiring against the the government and the country when our honorable Prime Minister is leading this country forward.’
Regarding upcoming Upazilla election, Obaidul Quader said, ‘We have to be united to make our nominated candidates victorious. We must face this challenge as it’s vital to deal with the villains.’
He said, ‘In 71, Bangabandhu waged his life for freedom. His beloved and worthy daughter Jononetri Sheikh Hasina is working restlessly for her people and the country. She was targeted to kill several times but, she didn’t stop. We have to inspire ourselves from their dedication and honesty.’
Dr. Dipu Moni said, ‘After the 10th Parliament Election, we’ve proposed a discussion for 11th Parliament election. But BNP didn’t agree then. Now there is no chance for an interim election. BNP said they won’t participate in any election under this present Election Commission. But they have realized their mistakes and participating in the Upazilla Council election.
Adv. Abdul Matin Khasru said, Every national and foreign entities are recognizing this government now. People don’t want violence in the name of hartal and blockades, they want peace and continuous development of the country. They said ‘no’ to violence.
President of Sylhet Metropolitan Awami League Abdur Jahur Chowdhury presided the meeting as General Secretary of Sylhet Metropolitan Awami League Asad Uddin Ahmed directed it. Joint General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League and former minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Dipu Moni, Organizing Secretary Adv. Misbah Uddin Siraj, Law Affairs Secretary Adv. Abdul Matin Khasru and Member of the central committee and Financial State Minister M A Mannan were the special guests at this meeting. President of Sunamganj District Awami League Matiur Rahman, President of Habiganj District Awami League Adv. Abu Jahir, General Secretary of Moulavi Bazar District Awami League Nesar Ahmedand General Secretary of Sylhet District Awami League Shafiqur Rahman Chowdhury also addressed at the meeting.