PM Seeks Vote for Continuation of Development


Published on August 19, 2013
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"The current government has carried out development activities at a massive scale. Bring the Awami League again to power through your votes to keep the development momentum undeterred," she said while addressing a large public rally at Pirganj in Rangpur yesterday. Referring to the massive development of Pirganj upazila, the Prime Minister said her government has been working tirelessly for changing the condition of the people of the whole country.

While comparing the successes brought about by her government with those of others, Hasina said, when other parties go to power, they loot everything by depriving the people. Khaleda Zia herself whitened black money and her two sons siphoned off hundreds of crores of taka during the BNP-Jamaat rule."

On Hefajat-e-Islam's rampage during their Dhaka siege programme, the Prime Minister asked whether a true muslim can set fire to mosques or burn the holy Quran. Stressing the need for maintaining communal harmony, she said, "We want that the people of all faiths practice their religion without obstruction."
Earlier, the Prime Minister inaugurated a number development projects including the newly-constructed Wazed Miah Bridge over the river Karataa at Kanchdahaghat, Rangpur Regional Passport Office, Officers' Dormitory Building of Pirganj Pourasabha. Besides, she laid the foundation stones of Divisional Commissioner's Complex Building, annex building of Rangpur Circuit House, Pirganj Upazila Complex and Rangpur Marine Academy and Rangpur Textiles Institute.