Phone Conversation reveals BNP-Jamaat's Bigwigs Link in Jatrabari Arson Attack


Published on January 26, 2015
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Referring to a group of arsonists, the activist said “we have hired them, they demand BDT TK 15,000 for grisly arson… "

Other conversations showed even the high profile leaders warned its activists of expulsion from party posts unless the activists unleashed mindless violence on common people, a media report added.

"60 percent money will be of no use… many have refused to work,” replied the activist.

“More people should be burnt… Petrol bombs should do…. I have already spent a huge amount of money….still no casualty” the leader instructed.

Days before the grisly attack, a BNP leader assured a local activist of arranging money demanded by the gang to launch that attack.

According to a media report, Police intercepted a phone conversation which reveals how a BNP top leader hired goons for arson attack on a bus at Jatrabari in the capital that left 28 innocent people burnt.

In the face of tightened security, BNP-Jamaat activists are refusing to carry out atrocities. As an alternative, the party leaders are hiring goons for instigating arson attacks, exploding bombs on public and on duty cops amid the 20 party combine enforced blockades, according to the conversations.