We have planned to start development from villages: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Published on March 3, 2018
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says the government is implementing all development programmes to make sure the benefits reach villages across the country.

“We have planned it so development starts at the village level,” Hasina said during the inauguration of the 58th Bangladesh Engineers Institution Convention in Khulna’s Khalishpur on Saturday.

“The government must work for the benefit of the people. We are public servants and we have borne that in mind when we design our programmes.”

The prime minister highlighted the government’s various development initiatives during the event.

“No other government has been able to implement so many development projects as the current Awami League government,” she said.

“The people of the country are experiencing the benefits of this development. We have been successful in achieving 7.28 percent growth.”

Hasina also said she was optimistic that the economy would soon hit the 7.4 percent growth target projected in the current budget.

The prime minister reminded the engineers of their role in the development of infrastructure.

“It is by your hand that our development projects are being implemented.”

She also spoke of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s attempts to develop the country and his remarks regarding corruption.

“We must root out corruption from Bangladesh’s soil,” he had said. “Bangla’s farmers are not involved in corruption, the working people are not involved in corruption, it is the educated who are involved in corruption.”

“Our government has taken many measures against corruption, against militancy, against terrorism, against drugs. We are taking the necessary steps to ensure people can live under the rule of law.”

Bangladesh has progressed in the fight to eliminate corruption, she said, referring to the country’s improvement on the 2018 Transparency International Corruption Index.

The prime minister also discussed the government’s food security initiatives and various recent development projects such as the deep sea port, the nuclear power plant, coal-based power plants, metrorail and LNG terminals.

“We have been successful in development in all aspects. Bangladesh is advancing and will continue to do so. No-one will be able to obstruct us.”