UN recognizes Bangladesh as a 'Developing Country'


Published on March 17, 2018
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The United Nations has recognized Bangladesh as a developing country in the month of independence and on the day of Bangabandhu's birthday.

Roland Mollerus, Chief of the United Nations CPD Secretariat, handed over the letter to the Bangladeshi envoy in New York.

World Bank recognized Bangladesh as a low-middle income country in July 2015 and now the United Nations recognized it as a developing country.

According to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, a country needs some criteria to be a developing country:
- Per capita income should be at least $1230. Currently the per capita income of Bangladesh is $1610.
- Human Resources Index point should be at least 64 where Bangladesh stands with 72 points.
- The economic risk point of Bangladesh is now 25.2 percent. If this point exceeds 36, one country has to be in the list of Least Developed Countries.

José Antonio Ocampo, Chair Professor of the United Nations CPD Expert Group praises Bangladesh's dynamic export sector, human resources and the development of health and education sector.

"A potential base has been created for reducing poverty and for the progress in Bangladesh" said General Utoikamanu, Representative Under Secretary of United Nations LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS Offices.

Roland Mollerus, Chief of the United Nations CPD Secretariat said "The desired improvement of the national income of Bangladesh, massive development of social sectors including health-education has played a role taking Bangladesh in the list of developing countries."