Sheikh Hasina: A futuristic leader


Published on February 2, 2020
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Leaders are distinct people who have many followings. The greater number of followers and supporters, the more popular a leader. A national leader is one who has a whole nation of followers and supporters. People’s support and adulation turn an ordinary person into a leader. There are certain qualities that people seek in a leader whom they choose to follow, and most of these qualities are present in our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was elected President of Bangladesh Awami League in 1981 while in exile in India to succeed Bangabandhu following his assassination in 1975. Since then she has been leading the party from success to success, winning elections to become prime minister multiple times, gaining popularity as a national leader and proving to be a worthy daughter of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

As a leader, Sheikh Hasina is dynamic and futuristic. Her vision of the country’s future extends to the next 100 years and beyond. She has turned her vision of “Digital Bangladesh” into a reality within a decade, bringing all kinds of services like payments of water and electricity bills to the people’s doorsteps. Before she came to power, only the rich could afford cell phones, but due to her people-friendly policies the price of mobile sets and services became so affordable that even a household help or a day worker now own cell phones.
Under her visionary leadership the mobile services rapidly progressed to 4G and now going towards becoming 5G, with all the associated facilities and services. She visualizes Dhaka to become like other modern cities of developed countries of the world. Towards that end, the city transport system is being modernized with a metro rail system and elevated expressway. Once these are completed, the traffic problem of Dhaka city will be a thing of the past.

Now Bangladeshi parents educate the girl child because of pro female education policies of the government. This broke the age old traditions of educating only the boys. Nothing brings more dynamic change than education. Our leader took a decision to steer the people on a path to progress, prosperity and development for a brighter future. Her love for the people and the country is the reason for her popularity in Bangladesh and abroad.

-Editorial, the Daily Sun

Published on: January 28, 2020