Happy with Bhasan Char facilities: Rohingyas tell visiting foreign diplomats


Published on April 4, 2021
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Rohingyas, now living in Bhasan Char, has interacted with visiting foreign diplomats and expressed their willingness to return to their homeland, Myanmar.

They conveyed their "high satisfaction" over the existing facilities in Bhasan Char, which they considered safe, secured and crime-free compared to the congested camps in Cox's Bazar.

The Rohingyas profusely thanked Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the Government of Bangladesh for the exemplary humanitarian support that has been extended to them since the mass exodus.

"I want my children to grow up with their own national identity in their own country," a Rohingya representative was quoted as conveying to the diplomats who visited Bhasan Char today.

Some Rohingyas underscored the need to expand learning facilities for children and opportunities for farming and fishing which would help in keeping them active.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs organised the day-long trip to Bhasan Char for the heads of missions of 10 embassies/delegation: Turkey, the European Union (EU), the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands.

The visit was organised as part of the government's engagement with the international community including the United Nations on the relocation of Rohingyas from Cox's Bazar to Bhasan Char.

The objective of the visit was to provide the ambassadors with an opportunity to witness the massive development and humanitarian projects undertaken by the Government of Bangladesh at Bhasan Char.

During the tour, the group had the chance to visit different infrastructures including embankments, buildings, shelters, other facilities and amenities available on the island.

The group visited several capacity-building projects such as sewing, handicrafts making etc, the skills that the Rohingyas would be able to utilise on their return to Myanmar.

The ambassadors freely interacted with the Rohingya representatives and shared their thoughts and hopes.

This was the first-ever visit to Bhasan Char by foreign heads of missions.

The Rohingya relocation, which started from December 4 last year, is in alignment with the GOB's overall efforts towards repatriation.

So far 18,334 Rohingyas have been relocated to Bhasan Char, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The diplomats returned to Dhaka after 5pm.