Sheikh Hasina Relentlessly working for Golden Bengal


Published on September 29, 2022
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Hiren Pandit: 

The Awami League under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the lucky daughter of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu, has been in power for more than an era and is working for the welfare of the people. Sheikh Hasina has walked the path of history, no one is seen like this in contemporary history. An heir of Bangabandhu's blood can save Awami League It became essential to keep Awami League united after the brutal assassination of Bangabandhu. It was necessary to sustain the existence of Awami League. Everyone knows that Sheikh Hasina did BCL politics during her student life. She was the VP of Eden Girls' College. She was on the streets during the six-point movement. Therefore, in the special council of the Awami League held in February 1981, Sheikh Hasina, who lived in exile in the capital of India, was made the president of the party.

Bangabandhu's eldest daughter, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, was born on September 28, 1947 in Tungipara, Gopalganj. September 28 is a lunar moment for the people of this country. Happy birthday, long live Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina. Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and World Leader, Bangabandhu's daughter, is the source of inspiration for the Bengali nation. Bangabandhu turned the Awami League into a popular grassroots political party. After his brutal murder, his exiled daughter Sheikh Hasina has taken the reins as Awami League president as a symbol of unity in the most difficult times. She has walked a long way in the struggle for democracy. She came back from the face of death again and again. She brought Awami League to power after 21 years as a popular party and is working tirelessly to institutionalize democracy. Awami League has always played a politically vocal, protesting role against all kinds of exploitation, deprivation, injustice, injustice and oppression in any democratic movement of Bangladesh, starting from the independence movement of this country, along with the economic, social, political and cultural liberation of the people and is still doing so. People's fortunes improve when this group is in power. The history of this 73 years since the birth of this party bears the signature of that fact.

This initiative gave Sheikh Hasina an opportunity to unite the party. After 21 years with that united power, she won the 1996 election and brought the party to power for 21 years. Sheikh Hasina made the impossible possible by forming the government in 1996, bringing the murderers of her family to justice and later bringing the war criminals to justice. And the opportunity came to carry forward the ideals of the Bengali nation. Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina started working as a path and path for the overall welfare, development and liberation of the people of Bangladesh. She proved that she has no alternative to the development of democracy in Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina's integrity, devotion, integrity, rational mindset, strong morale, wisdom and extraordinary leadership have established Bangladesh at a different height in the world arena and she is known as the leader of the world.

The world is amazed by Sheikh Hasina's indomitable strength, courage, morale and strong leadership. Bangladesh will become the 29th largest economy in the world by 2030 and the 23rd economy by 2050. And in 2021, Bangladesh will make its debut in the world as a 'middle-income country and in 2041 as a 'developed country. The big proof that Bangladesh is moving forward is that the per capita income of the country's people has increased over the past few years. The current per capita income is $2,824. Today, our beloved motherland Bangladesh is one of the top countries in the world in terms of economic progress.

The inauguration of the Padma Bridge is a development milestone. Successfully combating corona pandemic, education, communication infrastructure, gas, electricity, women education, 100% increase in salary of employees, health care, distribution of free books, achieving self-sufficiency in food production, under social programs backward communities, destitute, elderly, widows, the person with disabilities, Divorcees, Autism, assistance to destitute freedom fighters, shelter scheme, one house one farm scheme, women empowerment and the overall development of various sectors have been played a major role by the government led by the Prime Minister. The role of electricity in the development of a country is undeniable. Persistent power shortages slowed the country's progress. In other words, the long-standing electricity problem in the country, for which the previous governments could not provide any solution - the Awami League government has brought it to the doorsteps of the people by producing electricity at an excessive cost. This production is not only used for household purposes, but also for other electricity-dependent means, which has made the wheels of the country's economy move.

On the other hand, the revenue of the government has also increased. Although there are allegations of corruption almost everywhere, the biggest relief for the government is the agriculture sector and its management. In a populous country like ours, careful and judicious use of limited arable land is desirable. It happened in our country. As a result, import dependence on our agricultural products has reduced to a large extent. And because of this agricultural revolution, the country of 16 crore people has been made self-sufficient in food, which is a very positive aspect for the country. Today's agricultural revolution is the invention of Awami League.

Our main sources of revenue, especially foreign exchange earnings, are exports of manufactured garments and manpower. Although it started with private ownership, these two sectors have gained enough speed due to the interest of the government. As a result, the driving force of the country's economy has gained momentum. Along with that, the unemployment problem of the country has been solved a lot. There are products that are exportable, which cannot be exported entirely by private enterprises. In this regard, the government's activity is worth seeing. Governments and employers still have a lot to do to make the garment manufacturing environment acceptable to foreign buyers.

When the World Bank canceled the allocation from the Padma bridge, the Awami League government took it as a challenge. The government took the initiative to build the bridge with its own funding. The existence of the bridge is important to all of us now. This bridge is changing our economy. Over the past few years, the Awami League government has vowed to build infrastructure. Flyovers, underpasses, and Metrorail etc. have been constructed. Desired and Dream Metrorail will run in December.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been praised in the international arena for taking various steps to ensure people's health protection to save lives from the Covid-19 pandemic.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been able to bring economic and social progress to Bangladesh by having the opportunity to rule the country for a long time. Its recognition is the UN SDG Progress Award 2021. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has received many such recognitions. Earlier, our country's honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was selected as one of the three most successful and exemplary women heads of government in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Bangabandhu's dream of building a golden Bangladesh is being implemented by the Prime Minister with hard work and talent. With the hands of the world leader, this country will transform into a bright developed country like Singapore and Malaysia in a short time. Only Sheikh Hasina can build a developed, prosperous and peaceful Bengali nation and Bangladesh. She loved the country more than her children. Father's unfinished work that needs to be completed. A non-sectarian, democratic and future modern Bangladesh should be built. This is also the expectation of the present generation. May you live as a source of inspiration in the hearts of the people of this country.

The writer is a researcher and columnist