Khaleda government ordered to drive away more than 100 patients injured in BNP's attack from the hospital


Published on October 1, 2022
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The pro-BNP staff in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Medical University hospital drove away more than one hundred patients soon in line with BNP-Jamaat leaders' order after forming the government in 2001. They also swooped on doctors who tried to protect critically injured patients. More than a hundred Awami League leaders and activists, who lost their body parts, were undergoing treatment after the brutal attacks by BNP-Jamaat men. The number of patients was increasing daily as the attacks continued across the country. On November 20, pro-BNP employees attacked them in the emergency department and evacuated the hospital. 

It was reported in the newspaper on November 21. After winning the election on October 1, 2001, BNP-Jamaat started massacring Awami leaders and activists in every district and upazila. They even indulged in looting the houses of Awami supporters, extortion, and raping women. Within a month and a half of coming to power, they killed hundreds of people and maimed thousands of people.

Just two weeks after the election, Dainik Sangbad published a brief report on the matter by visiting major hospitals in Dhaka. The report of October 16 said that thousands of people had lost fingers, hands and feet and were admitted to hospitals due to the violence of BNP-Jamaat. There was no place to admit new people.

Abdul Basit, Vice President of Ward No. 30 unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Awami League, who was admitted to BSMMU, said that on October 9, BNP terrorists called him from his home and broke his arms and legs. He went to file a case at the police station, but the police did not take it.

Kamruzzaman of Gafargaon said that BNP terrorists cut off all the fingers of his two hands on October 3.

Tamim of Mir Bazar in Sylhet said that he was a polling agent for Awami League in Mira Bazar High School. BNP terrorists attacked him the day after the election for challenging fake votes. They broke his arm, a leg and severed an arm vein.

Sujanagar Satbaria UP chairman Shamsul Alam said that BNP-Jamaat terrorists cut his leg veins before the election so that he could not work for Awami League.

Habibur Rahman Jitu of Chunarughat Upazila of Habiganj said that BNP-Jamaat terrorists attacked him and broke his two legs on September 29.

Prafulla Kumar Debnath of Begumganj, Noakhali, was killed and his legs broken by were BNP-Jamaat terrorists on the election day evening for casting his vote for the boat symbol.

Shanti from Tongi said that BNP-Jamaat terrorists cut off his hands on October 4 because he worked for Awami League during the elections.

Doctor Bijoy Dutta, Ali Akbar of Patuakhali and Forkan Uddin of Sandwip were undergoing treatment with critical injuries at Bangabandhu Medical. On October 4, pro-BNP doctors abducted Dr Bijoy from Dhaka Medical and tried to kill him. Later, he was rescued in critical condition and admitted to the neurology department of Dhaka Medical. As BNP doctors attacked him there again, he was sent to Bangabandhu Medical.

Awami League activist Siraj of Shariatpur, Chunu of Swarupkathi, Mosharraf of Shibchar in Madaripur, Burhanuddin of Shoilokupa, Arif of Ghatail and many others were found with broken arms and legs in Bangabandhu Medical due to the gruesome attacks of BNP-Jamaat. They were fighting for their lives by losing various body parts.

BNP’s victory in the election means a flood of blood across the country. BNP’s coming to power means the flow of corpses, and BNP’s coming to power means the lifelong paralysis of thousands of people with no treatment. The curse of the victims who were tortured, deprived of medical treatment and therefore paralyzed, is still in their sighs.