After coming to power in 2001, BNP-Jamaat looted the money allotted for schools and colleges


Published on October 1, 2022
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The head teacher of Raghunathpur Primary School of Tala Upazila in Satkhira ran away from the area to save his life after being threatened by BNP-Juba Dal terrorists. As there was no school in that area, Babur Ali, a local, donated 33 decimals of his land and established a primary school in 1991. His son Mizanur became the headmaster of the school. Later, the school got government registration and funds were allocated for the construction work. The concerned contractor also brought construction material to the school. However, soon after the BNP-Jamaat alliance came to power in October 2001, the BNP cadres pressed to hand over all the school's assets to them.

The Bhorer Kagoj published the news on November 30, 2001.

They even attacked the land provider Babur Ali and the head teacher Mizanur. They also asked Mizanur to resign from teaching and leave the area otherwise they would kill the whole family. On November 16, terrorists led by BNP president Bazlur Rahman of Tala of Magura Union and Juba Dal president Abdul Khalek attacked the head teacher with weapons. They also ransacked and looted the house where the head teacher Mizanur fled from their attack. Even the name of Babur Ali was deleted from the paper of the property by BNP-Juba Dal terrorists. Due to their threat, the family of the land provider and headmaster stopped going to school.