Young Bangla celebrates the power of changemakers at the grassroots


Published on November 13, 2022
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To recognise youths at the grassroots working silently to transform the country, Joy Bangla Youth Award’s sixth instalment conferred the title on 10 youth-led organisations for their services to the communities.

Young Bangla, the biggest network of youths across the country, organised the award-giving ceremony on Saturday, bringing to light untold stories of a hub of super achievers who transformed their local communities through self-driven initiatives, braving a sea of obstacles.

Not to be outdone by the participants of the previous years, some of whom have already made their global footprints through innovation and dedication, around 600 organisations this year submitted their entries, reviewed by a star-studded jury panel composed of celebrities, entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

Here is a sneak peak of the top 10 organizations clinching the country’s biggest award for catalysing social changes.

Organization: Robolife Technology
Applicant: Joy Barua Lablu

Robolife Technology was founded in 2018 in Dhaka to provide affordable solutions to people with special needs. They provide artificial hands in the rehabilitation of a person whose arm has been lost or amputated. They have served more than 20 people, helped them with a head start gain. They produce bionic hands which cost as low as BDT 30,000 at present and are currently trying to come up with better solutions. They have exported a few bionic prosthetic hands in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Organization: BK School of Research
Applicant: Bezon Kumar

BK School of Research (BKSR) is a research organisation that works in the field of business, economics, social sciences, and humanities. Currently, they are working with 55 scholars, 100 research assistants, and around 300 data enumerators from 22 countries. BKSR was established in 2015 and has already published over 10 international peer-reviewed journal articles. They are currently carrying out over 10 research projects. They organized 5 seminars and training to raise awareness among youths on education, environment, technology and so on."

Organization: Boson Biggan Sangho
Applicant: Muhammad Majadur Rahman

Boson Biggan Sangho was established in 2014 in Tangail to inspire students to learn math and science. They are walking the talk by organising camps, workshops and science Olympiads. Currently, they are planning to organize a science competition to inspire girls to learn science and math. Boson Biggan Sangho is affiliated with Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad and was awarded the Best Math Club Award in 2019. The members of this organisation have won awards at institutional, regional and national level Math Olympiad, Junior Science Olympiad, Biology Olympiad, Programming Olympiad, and other competitions.

Organization: Youth Planet
Applicant: A B M Mahmodul Hasan

Since their establishment in 2018, Youth Planet is trying to challenge the status quo by breaking social stigmas against women. They are working on their vision and planning to educate men on women’s health and rights. Youth Planet’s activity helped increase menstrual hygiene awareness in Nandail upazila in Mymensingh up to 50%. Moreover, they are working in the domain of ICT and youth leadership training, women entrepreneurship and digital marketing training through the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Youth Planet conducts their activities through a strong community network and a pool of vibrant youth.

Organization: BigyanPriyo
Applicant name: Muhammad Shawon Mahmud

BigyanPriyo is a social media platform that started its journey in 2018. They disseminate scientific facts related to daily life to prevent superstition. They create precise, engaging content using infographics and audio-visual contents about scientific breakthroughs, science news, blogs, and opportunities. BigyanPriyo is developing a digital science dictionary in Bengali language to facilitate science learning in Bengali. They have a number of school-based activities and publish an online magazine called “Nebula” to promote science and Bangladeshi scientists among school-going students.

Organization: Mojar School (an Odommo Bangladesh Foundation initiative)
Applicant: Arian Arif

Mojar School was founded in 2013 aiming to provide free education with fun activities to street children. It has been providing free education to 1,000 underprivileged street children in the National Curriculum from pre-primary to 7th grade. Mojar School has also been providing non-formal education to another 1,000 underprivileged street children for nearly 10 years. It runs 10 schools all over Dhaka. Currently, they are planning to open a new section for technical education."

Organization: Milon Smrity Pathagar
Applicant: Asadujjaman (Atif Asad)

Milon Smrity Pathagar has established a total of 14 libraries in Shorishabari upazila, in Jamalpur. Among these libraries, there is a children’s library, 4 roadside libraries and 3 railway station libraries since 2018. They aim to encourage the local youth community to read books. Milon Smrity Pathagar has readers of all ages including primary and high school and college students. The increased readership is helping create a knowledge-based community.

Organization: Switch Bangladesh Foundation
Applicant: Md. Muinul Ahsan Faysal

Switch Bangladesh Foundation has been working to ensure basic rights such as education, health, clothes, and shelter of underprivileged children since 2011. They run a free school for underprivileged students with 13 full-time teachers. To date, they have taught around 2000 children. They provide wheelchairs to people with special needs and elderly citizens during “Amar Ekhushy Boi Mela”—a month-long book fair held every year in Dhaka. They also provide vocational and technical training to destitute women and youth.

Organization: BINDU Nari Unnayan Sangathan
Applicant: Jannatul Mouwa

BINDU Nari Unnayan Sangathan is a youth-led feminist organisation. Established in 2018, BINDU works in the areas of climate justice and women empowerment. They work to protect the rights of natural disaster-affected people in coastal areas, especially women. They created 18 women leaders at the union level for the disaster management committee. They successfully sensitised the local government to repair a 300-meter embankment wrecked due to Cyclone Amphane. They also work to prevent violence against women, dowry, sexual harassment, and protect child rights in collaboration with local administration and a other youth-led organizations.

Organization: Ucchash
Applicant: Prosenjit Kumar Saha

Since its establishment in 2017, the organisation has been promoting volunteerism in the southern belt of Bangladesh. They have 3 work bases in Bhola, Barishal, and Dhaka. Currently running 3 sustainable development projects titled “Shwapno Puron Biddaniketon”, “Project Joyi”, “Project Shabolombi” focusing on free education for underprivileged children, skill development training for the low-income and unemployed people, sexual and reproductive health awareness among adolescents, and Covid-19 response activities. They run a school with 70 students. They aim to empower youth and women along with ensuring their right to education.