BNP-Jamaat arson terror: Two lakh students could not sit for SSC exams due to insecurity


Published on December 6, 2022
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A total of one lakh 87 thousand 378 students could not sit for the SSC exams due to arson attacks by the BNP-Jamaat alliance. These students could not go to the exam centre as the Jamaat-BNP activists were hurling crude and petrol bombs on vehicles and roads, leaving students, guardians and day labourers burnt to death.

The Prothom Alo reported it on January 30, 2015.

According to Education Ministry sources, students from 16, 589 schools registered in Class IX that year. But due to the panic of the blockade-strike situation, about 10 per cent of the students ultimately could not register for the SSC examination. The BNP-Jamaat leaders and activists did not pay any heed to the call not to destroy the educational environment by killing, burning and vandalizing. As a result, the number of candidates during the key public examination decreased drastically.