BNP-Jamaat arson cost Tk 150 crore loss in the RMG sector in 21 days


Published on December 6, 2022
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The country’s readymade garments incurred losses worth Tk 150 crore in the first 21 days of petrol bomb attacks on vehicles, burning of business establishments, killing of day labourers and widespread vandalism by BNP-Jamaat alliance leaders and activists. Foreign buyers cancelled orders worth USD 79.83 lakhs in the first week of the BNP-Jamaat’s terrorism. In addition, these losses, including price discounts due to delays, expedited shipping and vandalism, exceeded USD 15.1 million.

On January 26, 2015, Prothom Alo reported that only the garment factories incurred a loss of USD 3.8 million because of vandalism and disruption of the work environment.

According to BGMEA, it costs USD 2000 to USD 2200 to ship a container, and buyers normally pay for it. But if it can't be shipped on time, it costs more than USD 20,000 to ship that product by air. And the domestic company has to pay the flight cost. Also, due to political unrest, some buyers cancelled orders, and some reduced the volume of orders. As a result, the export income of the country fell, affecting the overall economy of the country. The sabotage was planned to disrupt the country's remittance flow.