BNP MPs ran riots all night for building private housing project in vested property


Published on January 4, 2023
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The BNP-Jamaat started violence in December, the month of victory. In December 2004, they attacked nearly one thousand slum dwellers and set fire to their houses and businesses at midnight to evict them from the vested properties in Savar and Ashulia. MPs, close to former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, led the attacks to build housing projects in government lands.

Three MPs from Dhaka - Dewan Mohammad Salauddin, SA Khalek and Ziaur Rahman Khan – were the owners of the housing project. Under Tarique’s instruction from Hawa Bhaban, SA Khalek was in charge of supervising the terrorists in that part of Dhaka to implement the housing project of Dewan Salahuddin.

On December 23, 2004, the Prothom Alo reported that more than two hundred armed rioters, led by BNP MP, seriously injured at least 50 people at midnight. When the victims took shelter under the open sky, the BNP hooligans tortured the women and children for two days to clear the lands. 

The vested properties in Ashulia were originally supposed to be allocated for the housing of the retired army officers. But the land ministry suspended it due to interference of Tarique Rahman. Then the BNP leaders took possession of that land strategically by leasing 11 acres for the floating people for one year. But, they beat the slum dwellers in the dark of night and put the nameplate of their housing company.

Savar police said they went to save the ordinary people on the information. But BNP MPs were present there along with the RAB force and ordered the police to go back. The Ansar commander also echoed the police.