Chhatra Dal terror: Businessman kidnapped for not getting free computers, Construction of orphanage stopped over extortion


Published on January 4, 2023
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The Chhatra Dal terrorists started anarchy and harassment of female students in different universities and colleges after coming to power in 2001. In Sylhet’s Shahjalal University, they continued spreading supremacy on campus under BNP leaders even after a rape attempt that created a public outcry across the country.

On April 18, 2004, the Janakantha reported that the teachers failed to get justice despite drawing the attention of then Prime Minister Khaleda Zia to this barbaric incident. On the other hand, girls were afraid to go to educational institutions due to insecurity in different districts and upazilas. The Chhatra Dal, Juba Dal and Swechasebak Dal cadres used to rape girls they liked. But law enforcers could not take any action for their link to the then-ruling parties.

In addition, the Chhatra Dal did not spare any shops and businesses, even orphanages, to charge extortion on regular basis.

On March 30, 2004, the Janakantha reported that Chhatra Dal terrorists demanded Tk 2 lakh from a computer shop in Chittagong for not getting a computer for free of cost. Then they kidnapped the shop owner at gunpoint for extortion money. The terrorists are Forest College Chhatra Dal leaders Didarul, Alauddin, Kabir Uddin, Supon Barua, Kamal, Masud, Jewel Chowdhury and Tanjid Hossain, Nagar City Unit Chhatra Dal office secretary Rinku and enlisted criminal Tinku Das. Even after kidnapping the businessman, Chhatra Dal terrorists looted gold ornaments and computers from his house. Police said they had been extorting randomly in support of local BNP leaders.

Meanwhile, Chhatra Dal leaders halted the construction work of an orphanage, worth Tk 1.5 crore, for girls in Sherpur over extortion. The local Chhatra Dal leaders were demanding a large sum of money from the work of this project, called Shishu Paribar Bhaban, under the Public Works Department. But they stopped the work and beat the construction workers, contractors and managers for not paying the dues within a week.