Terror Diary 2001: Shibir rampages in classrooms at daylight, Khaleda campaigns for Jamaat at night


Published on February 2, 2023
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Chhatra Shibir and Chhatra Dal started carrying out violence and subversive activities on educational campuses across the country before the general elections in October 2001. And Khaleda Zia sought votes for Jamaat candidates by holding public meetings at night. When the teachers and students of the university and medical colleges were helpless due to the brutal torture of the Chhatra Dal-Shibir, Khaleda Zia was giving speeches supporting the brutality of the Jamaat. As a result, ordinary citizens panicked across the country.

The Janakantha on September 11, 2001, reported that Chhatra Shibir illegally imposed a ban on rallies and meetings on the Chittagong University campus to establish its supremacy, a month before the general elections. Shibir President Alauddin and Secretary Didarul publicly announced that if the Vice-Chancellor did not hand over the university halls to the Shibir, the electricity and gas connections of his residence would be cut off and he would be held hostage. The terrorists also stopped teachers from going to class by threatening to sever their veins.

Earlier, in 1990, Shibir also ran riots on campus after losing to ordinary students in the CUCSU election. They killed and maimed leaders of the Chhatra League and progressive student organizations after the BNP came to power in 1991. They vandalized establishments on campuses and held the then-VC, Dr. Alamgir Seraj, by cutting off electricity and gas lines. They announced the VC residence as a sub-jail. They also carried out targeted killings on the Rajshahi University campus.

Prime Minister Khaleda Zia not only overlooked these incidents but also instructed the concerned authorities to dismiss CU VC Dr. Alamgir for his stance against the terrorist activities of the anti-liberation force. The Chhatra Dal-Shibir thugs did not even allow the senior Chhatra League leaders to take the final exams in the medical colleges. They brutally attacked the Chhatra League leaders when they went to appear in the final exam at Rangpur Medical College. In Barisal Medical College, Shibir-Chhatra Dal and DAB simultaneously attacked the principal.

Hundreds of students of Barisal Medical College could not appear for the year-end medical examination due to the attacks of the Shibir men. They used to show-down on campuses with arms to prevent Chhatra League leaders and activists from sitting in the examination hall. Tarique Rahman ordered Chhatra Dal and DAB leaders to join Shibir to perpetrate these attacks.

Meanwhile, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia spent a busy night seeking votes for Jamaat while the Shibir cadres were destroying the lives of thousands of students across the country. Accompanied by infamous war criminal and Jamaat Secretary General Ali Ahasan Mojaheed, Khaleda even joined the election campaign for Jamaat candidate Abu Bakar Siddique in Mongla after her long tiring meetings in Khulna. She also gave a nomination to Jamaat leader Kamaruzzaman, who led brutality during 1971’s Liberation War in Sherpur. She called upon BNP leaders to support Jamaat candidates, ignoring the protests of the BNP's freedom fighters. Under Khaleda’s support, notorious war criminal Kamaruzzaman created panic in the area with armed showdowns and spending crores of taka from Islami Bank.