BNP-Jamaat Corruption: Criminals, Close to Tarique, Became Millionaires from Nothing


Published on February 20, 2023
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Between 2001 and 2006, Tarique Rahman allocated around 15 billion takas for the development of roads and infrastructure in Bogra. However, he distributed these funds among the party's cadre-based leaders, who then became overnight millionaires, looting people's money on a massive scale.

For instance, in Gabtali alone, Tarique distributed Tk 500 crore, making only 30 BNP leaders overnight millionaires. Habibur Rahman, the supervising engineer of the Bogra Roads and Highways Department, admitted these irregularities, stating that the funds were even used to release BNP leaders from rape convictions.

Rezaul Karim Badsha, the BNP's district president, and Saiful, the general secretary and son of a razakar, used to live in dilapidated houses, but within five years of the BNP government, they owned several businesses, including filling stations, press owners, expensive cars, and luxury houses. Similarly, Mahfuz Siddique Liton, an associate of former MP Helaluzzaman Lalu, went from nothing to owning a dozen trucks, new buildings, and several businesses. Morshed Milton, the chairman of Gabtali municipality, who was elected without voting through Tarique's intervention, also became the owner of a business worth hundreds of crores of money.

Noor Mohammad, a notorious drug dealer, used to live in a rented house of Tk 3,000. But with Tarique Rahman and Saeed Eskander's help, he started living in a luxurious house and riding a Pajero within five years. Similarly, Shah-e Alam, the BNP district treasurer, left his bicycle and started using an expensive car. He became one of the directors of BTRC, as per the list given by Tarique. Saiful Islam Saif Garibi, a BNP leader who held an umbrella over Tarique's head when he visited Bogra, became a millionaire overnight by embezzling the contract money of LGED.

Other individuals who became millionaires through such corrupt practices include Khaleda Zia's assignment officer Dr Feroze Mahmood Iqbal, Chhatra Dal leader MR Islam Swadhin, city BNP general secretary Hamidul Haque Chowdhury Hiru, Abu Taher, Zafar, murderer Palli Mamun, Omar Farooq Khan, GM Siraj's cousin GM Mahbub, Fazlul Haque Ratan, businessman Zakir, Lalu's brother-in-law Shamim Chowdhury, Shahidul Islam Bablu, Ali Asghar Hena, Kabir Ahmed Mithu, cadre Aminul Islam, criminal Mahbub Alam Shaheen, vegetable trader Bakul, and others.

Furthermore, Bogra residents were shocked when Noor Afroz Jyoti, a BNP leader and principal of Shibganj College, was elected as a woman MP in the reserved seat. Overnight, she became the owner of a sea truck on St Martin’s-Cox’s Bazar route, a Hino bus on the Dhaka-Bogra route, and a luxurious house in Dhaka.