No room for arsonists in Bangladesh: PM Sheikh Hasina


Published on November 10, 2023
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Prime Minister and Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina today urged the countrymen to resist the arsonists, saying there is no room for arsonists and militants in the country.

"I call upon the people to resist them those who are launching the terrorist activities, arson attacks in the country now, as like you(people) resisted them in 2013 and 2014. Resistance should be built again against them as there is no room for arsonists and militants on the soil of Bangla," she said.

The premier said this while presiding over a meeting of AL's Central Working Committee at her official residence Ganabhaban.

Sheikh Hasina also said her government's main target is to help hold a free, fair and neutral election. "Election is nearing. It (vote) is the democratic and constitutional right of the people. Protecting this right and holding a free, fair and neutral election is the goal of the government," she said.

Mentioning that establishing this democratic right of the people is the outcome of her party's movement and struggle, she said, "Free, fair and neutral elections are taking place (in Bangladesh) because of Awami League's contribution".

The AL President said her party believes in democratic and constitutional rights of the people, saying "And Awami League repeatedly came to power through people's vote, formed government and developed the socioeconomic condition of the people."

Coming down heavily on BNP for unleashing arson terrorism again in the country, Sheikh Hasina said whenever people live in peace, BNP resorts to anarchic activities and arson terrorism.

"We have to save people from this unrest and arson terrorism, this is our main task," she added.

Expressing apprehension about economic slowdown due to BNP's blockade, Sheikh Hasina said the vested quarters are hatching conspiracies to cripple Bangladesh economically.

"They're conspiring from every side to create unnatural situation in the country through arson terrorism and killing people. We have to move ahead facing all these ill issues as the people of the country is ours," Sheikh Hasina added.

She requested all to remain vigilant so that the country's current development spree does not get stopped by any means in the coming days.

AL General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader, Presidium Members Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, Deputy Leader of the House Begum Matia Chowdhury, Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim and Kazi Zafrullah were on the dais.

Sheikh Hasina called for prevention of these conspirators, corrupt people, money launderers, arms smugglers and arson terrorists.

She said that the people of Bangladesh believe in democracy, peace and development. "It is with this belief that Bangladesh is moving forward at an unstoppable speed and this progress must be continued in the future as well," she added.

The premier mentioned that people of the country have to decide whether they want militancy, arsonists, arms smuggling, corrupt people and money embezzlers of orphans or they want the continuation of development initiated by Awami League.

Criticizing the BNP, she said, "When the people of the country are in peace, this BNP has again taken to the streets to create chaos with arson."

She added that the country should be saved from this unrest situation and the people of the country.

Calling upon the countrymen to unite against violence, she said, "The progress of the country should not stop in any way. Today, those who are committing terrorist acts must be resisted."

Referring to Israeli attack on Palestine, she said that like Israelis, BNP-Jamaat is attacking common people, hospitals and police.

The AL President said that popularity of her party has not decreased in the last 15 years rather people have raised confidence, trust and dependence on Awami League further.

Regarding popularity of Awami League, she said that when any party is in power three times in a row, usually it moves away from the people or the popularity decreases. "But, the popularity of AL has not decreased as 70 percent people trust us. They think that if there is Awami League, they will get well-being."

"People keep their trust, belief and confidence on AL," referring to the survey of different agencies including IRI, NDI.

In his speech, the Prime Minister strongly criticised the incitement of the garment workers and said that in this case, the far-right Jamaat and the far-left organisations, including the Communists, are speaking in unison and same tone. "Why do policy and ideology become melted here?" she questioned.

She, however, cautioned the workers that if the factory is destroyed due to vandalism in the name of the movement, the production and export will be disrupted, the bread and sustenance of the workers will hampered.

Even though the owners increased the workers' wages to a minimum of Taka 12,500, the vested quarters are trying to create a situation to destabilise the garment industry, she added.

In this connection, she mentioned that the government has increased the salary of government employees only five percent while the owner of readymade garments has hiked salary of their works 56 percent.

Referring to burnt drown of 19 RMG factories, the premier said the workers have to continue their works with this newly-hiked salary. "Whenever times come, we arrange the necessary benefits and facilities for them," she said.

She told the workers that if they continue to take the streets getting instigation from the vested quarters, they (the vested quarters) will kill them and finally will create a situation which will lead to loss their jobs.

Sheikh Hasina mentioned that the Awami League government has not limited the development of the country to just metro rail, Karnaphuli tunnel or big flyover. "We've given more importance on the development of rural areas than the urban ones," she said.



Sheikh Hasina said that they believe in democratic rights and constitutional rights of the people. "Awami League has come to power again and again through people's votes."

Mentioning that actually BNP-Jamaat alliance never believe in democracy, she said that they do protest by burning people. "They torture people, they cheer through burning people," she added.

About BNP-Jamaat’s movement demanding Prime Minister's resignation and a neutral government during the election, the premier said, "Our government have to be overthrown! Must be resigned! For what reason? We didn't attack BNP with any grenade or meted out any torture."

She said that action must be taken against those who kill people, commit arson, torture people in this way as “It’s is our responsibility to protect people's lives. We are in the government, it is our duty".