Global recognition of Bangladesh’s remarkable journey


Published on November 12, 2023
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Dr. Pranab Kumar Panday:

In a recent conference held on November 7th at the European Parlia­ment, the speakers highlighted the significant advancements and crucial position of Bangladesh as the principal trading partner of the European Union. The event, which was co-hosted by Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Tomas Zdechovsky and Syed Mozammel Syed from Study Circle London, explored different aspects of Bangladesh's economic development, its trade relations with the European Union (EU), the significant contribution of the clothing industry, and the importance of engaging in constructive dialogue and recognizing the nation's progress.

The conference's constructive conversation is of great importance, especially given the political turmoil in Bangladesh around the national elections in January 2024 and the involvement of some international entities in the country's internal affairs. The current government is poised to acquire significant knowledge from the deliberations, which will help manage the domestic and international political obstacles preceding the election. The government's integrity and efficacy are reaffirmed by this international recognition, which serves as a solid basis for solving urgent concerns and promoting stability in Bangladesh.

The conference, which took place in a fully occupied conference room, highlighted the crucial role of the European Union in Bangladesh's economic framework. In 2020, the EU accounted for a significant 19.5% of the country's total trade, underscoring the depth of the bilateral partnership. During the event, speakers commended the present government for its instrumental role in propelling Bangladesh towards the forefront of development. The significant advancements in diverse domains, such as infrastructure, education, and healthcare, were commended as noteworthy achievements.

The central significance of Bangladesh's apparel sector was a primary topic for discussion. The sector has substantially contributed to the nation's economy and played a pivotal part in global supply chains. The conference recognized the industry's ability to withstand challenges and its capacity for future growth. Upon the session's conclusion, the participants conveyed a sense of hope for the prospects of the partnership between the European Union and Bangladesh. The conference was a forum for cultivating enhanced comprehension and cooperation between the two entities, focusing on reciprocal advancement and well-being.

There is no denying the significant role played by the current government in Bangladesh in leading the nation's fantastic development. By implementing forward-thinking policies and strategic initiatives, the leaders of Bangladesh have successfully guided the country towards remarkable economic progress, substantial social advancement, and widespread international acclaim.

The dedication exhibited by the government towards enhancing infrastructure, healthcare, and education has established a robust basis for attaining sustained advancement. Furthermore, the government's emphasis on cultivating a favorable business climate and attracting international capital inflows has significantly enhanced the nation's economic durability. Through a deliberate focus on inclusion and the proactive resolution of pertinent social concerns, the administration has effectively secured the equitable distribution of growth across all segments of society.

The unwavering leadership demonstrated by the Prime Minister has enhanced Bangladesh's reputation on the global platform and fostered a collective sentiment of patriotism and cohesion among its populace. The current administration of Bangladesh is actively working towards fostering a future characterized by wealth and greatness, demonstrating a proactive and visionary stance.

The present government of Bangladesh has gained a worldwide reputation, which provides a valuable advantage in managing the political turmoil arising from the opposition's call for the reinstatement of a caretaker government before the pivotal elections scheduled for January 2024. The acknowledgement serves not only to affirm the government's endeavors and accomplishments at an international level but also to bolster its standing and trustworthiness among the global community. Consequently, this can enhance the government's internal legitimacy, granting it a more robust authorization to address the issues raised by the opposition and foster productive discourse.

The recognition also serves as evidence of the government's ability to rule and execute policies in an effective manner, which has received international acclaim. This can foster trust among the people, influencing public opinion in favor of the incumbent administration in the forthcoming elections. International recognition plays a crucial role in bolstering the government's standing, facilitating its ability to address political obstacles and advancing the goal of fostering a more secure and prosperous Bangladesh.

Based on the extensive deliberations and overwhelming endorsement for ongoing collaboration, it is apparent that the partnership between Bangladesh and the European Union is primed for further advancements in the foreseeable future. With a convergence of shared values and mutually agreed-upon objectives, both parties are strategically positioned to harness their collaborative alliance to advance their respective populations and the broader international community.

Specific factions have endeavored to weaken the association between the government of Bangladesh and the European Union, particularly during the period preceding the general election. Several prominent global powers have applied significant pressure on the government of Bangladesh, utilizing their influence in light of the upcoming election. However, the Prime Minister has displayed unwavering resolve in her steadfast commitment to avoid succumbing to any external influence. Furthermore, she has explicitly expressed her unwavering dedication to organizing an election characterized by principles of freedom, fairness, and credibility in strict adherence to the established constitutional rules.

Recognizing that Bangladesh has emerged as a prominent worldwide growth model is crucial. Individuals who engage in conjecture over the potential vulnerability of Bangladesh to foreign pressure are merely engaging in optimistic speculation.

The ability to make progress has been exhibited, as seen by the notable economic expansion achieved among the challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic and the global economic slowdown resulting from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Therefore, the current government would see a significant increase in morale due to receiving worldwide recognition, enhancing its ability to properly manage the many challenges leading up to the election.

Writer: Professor in the Department of Public Administration at the University of Rajshahi.

Courtesy: Bangladesh Post