Sheikh Hasina: A Compassionate Soul


Published on January 1, 2024
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Dr. Syed Mozaffar Ahmed:

Bangladesh is a sovereign land that has been created by the spilling of blood of millions of war heroes paved the ways to birth of a new nation on 16 December 1971.Literally father of the nation , Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the principal architect who played the orchestra in such a rhythmic fashion that the whole nation became enticed to sacrifice their lives to fight against an invading regime of west Pakistan who drove a severe oppression over the under privileged Bengali nation for a quite long time. Crossing myriad intricacy of politics Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman became the most valiant leader of east Pakistan through an universal suffrage of December 1971 to be sworn as the prime minister of Pakistan.

Sensing an imminent downfall the then president of Pakistan Mr. Yahiya khan and peoples party chief Mr. Bhutto planned a genocide by a horrendous military operation named as operation search light ”on the black night of march 25, 1971 with a view to stop the Bengali nation at the barrel of guns. However Bangabandhu being captured on that very night of 25 march 1971 and kept confined in a jail of Faisalabad of Pakistan who however managed to drove a stiff liberation war even at his absence. After nine months of blood bathed struggle Bangladesh became an independent country on 16 December1972 of course by the cost of lives of millions. On returning from the captivity from the Faisalabad jail of Pakistan. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib became the Prime Minister of Bangladesh thus fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the struggling nation. But very soon Bangladesh turned to a land of unprecedented turmoil and Bangabandhu a famous patriotic leader of the world was brutally assassinated by some derailed military personnel in the black dawn of 15 august 1975. All the hopes of the nation seemingly plunged into the darkness of uncertainty that persisted for a quite long time. As a Saviour ”Sheikh Hasina the elder daughter of the slain leader returned to Bangladesh on may 17, 1981 from an exile, embroiled with the responsibility to bring a change to the wrong headed anti liberation administration that captured the state power illegally soon after the assassination of the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Sk. Hasina through a series of heartbreaking and strident struggle for a quite long time became the prime minister of Bangladesh on June 1996 by a landslide victory in the national election.

Assuming to the state power she opted to wake radical changes in the country’s administrative purview and glaring effects were seen in the economic and infrastructural development of the country and Bangladesh observed a stunning success in all the parameters of the state function. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is being considered as the longest serving prime minister and female head of the govt. and according to Forbes magazine she became the 42nd powerful women leader of the world. Sk. Hasina a sign of indomitable aspirations and one of the benevolent democratic leader of the world who brought the significant change in every spheres of life of the common people of the country. Economic emancipation, micro credit , women empowerment , poverty alleviation and digitalization of the country became her magnetic approach towards country’s self reliance and uptick economical health of the country. For the last 14 years Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has transformed Bangladesh from a low basket case to a middle income generating country and facing massive covid19 crisis Bangladesh still achieved 6.6 percent average economic growth and pulled millions of people out of the clutches of poverty throughout the country. According to IMF, Bangladesh is now 43rd largest economy of the world in terms of nominal GDP while it’s position is 32nd in terms of PPP. Hon’ble prime minister a rhetorical world class leader who brought stunning success in the communication and power sector and ICT based digital transformation of the country to create a momentum of wellbeing to the social plateau of Bangladesh. The blessings of digitalization has touched the every corners of life and today more than 50 million people having access to the mobile phone service. The prescience dreamer of ICT Mr. Sajeeb Wazed joy the elder son of hon’ble prime minister has taken enormous efforts to transform Bangladesh’s IT industry into the country’s largest export sector and with his relentless effort Bangladesh is enjoying a full scale digital service to the every aspects of life.

Right now hon’ble Prime Minister is being considered as the world’s most diligent and magnetic leader and a torchbearer of the economic emancipation of the common countrymen. Meanwhile her govt. has already achieved millennium development goals and on the way to achieve SDG goals to reach to the target of being a developed country from the tiers of middle income country. Sheikh Hasina the mother of humanity is so passionate to the distressed humanity that despite facing a huge load of 160 millions of population she opted to give shelter to one million of Rohingya those were brutally displaced from their motherland by the brutal Myanmar military govt. Sheikh Hasina is a scintillating star and a change maker who dragged the country to a trail of development that she has implemented several Mega projects” in the country that displays her highest dedication for the country’s further progression to be a developed country to fulfill the envisioned mission of 2041.In the wake of her nation building effort she has been honoured with several prestigious awards by the famous world bodies that made her a world class iconic leader and a reformist of politics and administration. In this purview, it will be a matter of worthy appraisal to enumerate some of these spectacular recognitions that revealed her dignified political life. Literally Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during her blithesome administration received numerous gallantry by the famous world bodies that reflects her corroborative efforts to make a prosperous country within its limited resources in a regulated fashion.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Sk. Hasina is a glaring example of real patriotism which she has been borne from the cellular lineage of her father , the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the most popular and celebrated leader of this planet earth. Sheikh Hasina a torchbearer of development and an emblem of prosperity that she stepped forward to build the Padma Bridge” - country’s most prestigious mega structure of course with the self financing that emitted a new sunshine in the bleak horizon of Bangladesh which was once stigmatized after the brutal assassination of the father of the nation in a black dawn of August 15 , 1975. Sheikh Hasina an haunted soul bearing the agony of the planted savagery imposed upon her streams of blood of course with an passionate glance.