Govt takes all steps to keep prices of essentials stable during Ramadan: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Published on February 29, 2024
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today told the Parliament that it will be possible to keep the prices of essential commodities in the market at tolerable level in the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. 

“I hope that the price inflation will remain at an acceptable level during the holy month of Ramadan and it will be possible to rein in the prices of daily essential goods in the market,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina, also Leader of the House, said this while responding to a written question of ruling party lawmaker Ali Azam from Bhola-2 during the Prime Minister’s question answer session.

As a result of the government's steps, she said, there will be relief in the lives of poor people, especially poor families, elderly persons, widows, abandoned by husband and low income group people.

The Prime Minister said that the present government is the people's government and so the government is always trying to reduce the sufferings of the people.

“The government is carrying out with all measures to maintain normal prices of essential consumer goods. We have already managed to contain the abnormal rise in consumer prices to a large extent,” she added.

She mentioned that due to the increase in the prices of some products such as fuel oil, edible oil, wheat, fertilizers and various food products, consumer goods and industrial raw materials in the world market, the pressure of inflation on import items is being felt in Bangladesh.

The Prime Minister also said that various duty exemptions are being provided to reduce inflation.