No election good enough unless US gets its puppet regime in Bangladesh: Sajeeb Wazed


Published on March 18, 2024
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Sajeeb Wazed, ICT Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister, has said that the United States’ take on democracy and polls in Bangladesh is guided by a goal of putting a “puppet regime” in place.

“Unless the United States gets its puppet regime in place in Bangladesh, no election will be good enough according to them!” — reads a post on his verified Facebook page.

US foreign policy moves involving Bangladesh have been questioned and criticised by several foreign policy analysts and civil society members in the span of the last few months.

A series of columns and news analysis by analysts and academics even found the attitude to be “singling out” the youngest nation in South Asia.

US approach in Israel and Gaza has also been widely criticised within the country and around the world as it vetoed UN resolution demanding ceasefire in Gaza, aided Israel, and continues to preach about human rights.

Earlier, a Bloomberg opinion article, titled “Biden’s Democracy Crusade Goes Astray in Bangladesh” observed that “Visa curbs and lectures are only making the US look partisan and arbitrary to many.”

The activities of the US Ambassador in Dhaka have also been subjected to criticism. Members of the civil society and journalist leaders found the envoy’s remark about applying US visa policy on the media in Bangladesh to be an “unprecedented attack” on the country’s press by a foreign diplomat.