The murderous legacy of BNP's founder General Ziaur Rahman


Published on 20th January 2024 00:03

What BNP ardently seeks to hide about the murderous legacy set by party founder General ZiaurRahman ?

— General Ziaur I’d the first military dictator in Bangladesh
— BNP founder General Zia was a psychopath in his capability to use violence, betray others: famous American journalist Lawrence Lifschultz
— First army officer who usurped state power at the barrel of gun in Independent Bangladesh
— First army chief who embraced war criminals and legitimised Jamaate Islami, a legacy carried forward by her widow and now put in place by his son
— General Zia killed 1,130 personnel, over 90 percent of whom were freedom fighters, in the military, in the name of purge off to solidify power yet no sanction had been imposed from U.S