2001: Chhatra Dal-Shibir started looting, terrorizing and torturing universities after coming to power


Published on September 18, 2022
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Soon after the victory of the BNP-Jamaat alliance in the 8th National Parliamentary Elections on October 1, 2001, Chhatra Dal and Shibir terrorists started brutal atrocities across the country. They even looted the sweetmeats to celebrate their victory in the shops and ransacked those. Even from the night of the elections, they started persecuting the minority community. The leaders and activists of Chhatra Dal and Shibir started extorting by looting and beating ordinary students in various dorms throughout the night.

Even the terrorists of Chhatra Dal and Shibir tortured and drove away Chhatra League leaders and activists from Dhaka University, Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka College and other educational institutions in the country.

On October 5, 2001, Prothom Alo newspaper published many reports about such incidents. After occupying the residential halls of Dhaka University, Chhatra Dal-Shibir leaders raided the rooms of the Chhatra League men and looted their belongings. They ransacked the rooms of Chhatra League men. Many ordinary students became victims of their brutal beatings. Even the outsiders, with the help of Chhatra Dal men, started staying in the Dhaka University halls. The Chhatra Dal leaders and activists vandalized and set fire to the rooms of the Chhatra League men in Dhaka College hostels.

Besides, the intern doctors supported by Chhatra League faced repression for several days in Dhaka Medical Hall. Many were beaten and their arms and legs were broken. Even after being admitted to the hospital with a cracked head, the students and intern doctors, known as BCL supporters, were forced to leave the hospital due to insecurity.

On November 14, 2002, Prothom Alo newspaper headlined a picture of an armed showdown by the Chhatra Dal in the Dhaka University area. On November 13, Chhatra Dal terrorists took possession of DU's Jagannath Hall with firearms and bombs with the help of police. Later in the afternoon, they exploded bombs at Zahurul Haque Hall. During this time, they mercilessly tortured ordinary students and hall provosts.